Monday, September 24, 2007




It's 11.23 a.m. half an hour plus to the next day.
well i've spent my life studying.
so i guess this is how the post would end too. since my life revolves around the o's.
pure simplicity huh?

oh i just thought i'd let the rest of the world know, but i'm terribly missing a group of people. I really really really really do. And i'll do whatever it takes to spend time with each and every of them after o's. That is if i ever get to.

shocking news=i'm SHIPPED off to japan after o's for some japan immersion programme, more like erika-gets-to-laugh-at-people-watching and erika-creates-havoc. At least i've planned out some ideas to get me expelled from the school.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am aproximately close to a month to o's.

anyway, i'm starting to save up my bit for my phone-bill. Yes, i finally came to my own senses that i SHOULD pay-up, though i'm already black-listed. (grumbles)

oh wells. ):

things can look bright, or dull. But i'm still smiling thanks to Mr Noah. (:

cheers my readers, i'll try to be more consistent.
Mrs Noah.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

regret this

you know what my readers?

someday I am gonna regret this. Trust me because i'm starting too. I'm starting too loose the ruggedness in a few friendships, the superior does not seem to bother but the inferior is screaming out 'come back. stay. don't go'. I guess that's why we're suppose to make new friends to cover up for the old ones. But can they replace the old ones? I don't think so.
This so feels like the Laguna Beach season, and it's not even the winter holidays yet (Nov-Dec).

I did it because I care.
I care because I miss you

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The great escape

Ahh september holidays. I miss wasting my life at school. Well i know i do curse and holler my swears about my days at school, but i pine to be there. That's not the only thing i miss about too. I miss alot of people like

wan (jb), firly, batam, belu, zul, and the skate gang. But mostly i miss Wan (jb). It's been 2 months since i heard from you.

Derrick and the jdi and bfc crew. Syafiq, ahzard, mizan, sham, wan, t.j aka teddy (TO ME!), shahrin.

Yanti and Nurul, dang girls its been eons.

victoria, fel tham, syid somehow pretty isn't pretty till i see more of you.



ok the list goes on and i bet you readers get the picture.

Studying till my little brain hurts. I dont really wanna study tooo hard and too much, i've encountered too many mindblocks as a result. Sigh i live in a crazy world la.

Running away, forget yesterday, we'll make the great escape.