Monday, January 10, 2011

Life as we know it

I am pondering about my life this year over a cup of lipton tea at Macs and I'm trying my best to relate back to something if not anything. I'm trying to see if my teabag analogy on life still works but then I realize i have overcome that phase. (yea me.)

I don't think I have ever been this mellow about my life, but i'm also feeling the pins and needles once i stare into space as though i am trying to catch some spasm in the air reminding me that I still have reality sooner or later. It's 2011. At every day that I'm taking on, I feel something. Why i say 'something' instead of any inert feeling is because it ranges like a multiple choice option test. I'm beginning to fidget about in my seat as i try my best not to think of any possibility or what may just happen to me in the upcoming months ahead. I still say with gusto that I'm ready to come what may, yes yes, I am excited for life to unravel before me. But inside my hopes lie a little fear and inside that fear I know will lie an adventure.

I once posted on my Facebook this
"People said I've changed so much. Well, here's the honest truth, I grew up. I stopped letting people push me around all the time. I learned that you can't always be happy and lastly, I accepted reality."
And back, if you have read what I wrote so far, I am hence talking about anything in life in a gist. But inside my zest will always lie a fear, it's no use trying to tell people that I am confident and that I can overcome ANYTHING. That is just bollocksand a complete exaggeration. So there. This is life as I know it so far.