Wednesday, November 30, 2005

it's like

amazingly but i haven't started on my holiday homework yet at all like i always use to.but eck.
had tremendous fun yesterday.bought 2 new tops from zara.-i like,i like-((:
nothing to write about mainly.
watched harry potter AGAIN with daniel at like 10.30 in the morning can! -yawns-
was suppose to meet up with nicholas,IDIOT ARSS,pang sehed me.went home to sleep.yawns.

have a little faith in me.:D

Monday, November 28, 2005

HORRAH! the pictures are out,thanks to samantha yeo,my junior. :D

visited my japanese cousins,took the whole family to wild wild wet including my sister,kimberly,my mum and my grand-POP.didn't had fun,was rather miserable.ahh bengs and ah lians polluted my 'air' with all that chinese, YoUu BeRrRiiII e KaAwAAiI wORrX.and their saliva flew on to my face. it's so revolting!then went home for steam-boat, i would say it's the japanese version of ODEN.hahas.
16 of us ate at my place.yumsyums.
i'm pooooped.gonna go to the zoo with em tomorrow,and i MIGHT bring my 'son'.((: tooodles. :D

Sunday, November 27, 2005


had the class gathering yesterday,wore the wrong outfit more sudden pop up 'something ons' before a bbq at the BEACH.couldn't go for service,was too late.took a bus,ALONE to orchard,preetaye much frowned.

had the christmas performance at paragon,for the strait's time school pocket money fund.performed thrice.saw people at school,yes hugs and kisses.then after that i decided to pig out with salma at taka,wth i seriously PIGGED out.then went to lucky plaza to check out prices of some phones,im so short of money.)): RAWRS.anyway,went to far east after that to collect dust at ali's and sher's shop.couldn't eat dinner at all,i was still full. CHRISTMAS IS COMING,and im still frowning each day.)):

Friday, November 25, 2005

rugs are not for sale,HERE.

sorry fellow human beings living in a crazaye world.what can i say? YESTERDAY
i was so confused.
i was so damn effed up.
i was so miserable.
because of you i'll never play 'BULLSHIT' again.
had to rush of for church dance,and it could've never been better.i was so miserable,and i was exhausted.and i have to memorise 17 dances,of different songs. )):'s unfair.couldn't sleep that night,kept tossing and turning and i was so aware of everythhing around me.let's face it,im SCARED.

TODAY,woke up at 7.30,i knew i was gonna be late for dance which started at 8,and like i left the house at 8 sharp.HO HUMS,had to suffer misery again,during dance,so i couldn't smile abit.went out with salma too orchard,to find stockings,instead we got unsatisfactory we had to spend a freaking 12 bucks stocking instead,then we just waste our time between bugis and orchard.took bus 54 back,and i froze when i passed by ijtp's soccer field,whatever type of field is used for recreation. i wanted to cry,cause i had to see someone there,it's an all guy's school training BTW,im STRAIGHT.
WTH LAR im even more miserable! oh shucks.i wanna cry,but tears won't come's so hard,maybe i should waste my time to clubbing tomorrow with addie. i'll drown it all down on a shirley temple.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

jerome mak

jerome added me on msn,we talked and we talked.the next thing i knew it,he was asking me if i could go town with me,and i did. we watched our first movie,ZATHURA,and i paid for the nacho's combo.HAHAS what can i say? we just like to irritate each other.this movie was held at p.s.
the second one was at marina square.hahas.watched harry potter.i paid.i paide this time.then we had CARL'S JUNIOR for dinner,and he paid! ((: yumsyums
sat at the esplanade roof top to eat,and talked and talked. sucha interesting guy with a splendid voice. ((: don't deny that jerome,you know so.

when i got home,and opened my closet,i needed,to SHOP!im running out of tops.and oh wells,i'll prolly go buy a new skirt,if must. and,i've yet to go ice skating.hmmmms.wonder when should i go.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


alright,it rained,it seems to be raining forever,but i loved it,i liked splashing in the rain,getting myself wet,feeling the morning breeze.and running around dancing.raindown.((:
it's FINALLY 'snowing'.((:

don't come asking me why am i so happy,but i just seem to be when i woke up,yesterday i was so upset and so were the other days,but somehow,somewhat,i know someone is falling for me and missing me,don't ask how i know,but i just do,i don't know who the hell who.this person wants to catch me,he seem he had,but i don't know bizzare i know.

had dance,and i was tired yet drowsy,who wanted to dance on such a nice rainy day?
went to orchard to buy candy and well windowshop for a while at heeren's with SALMA!.then scoot off to golden-landmark to get some necessary stuff for dance.pigged out.((:
then she came over and we were like having ww3 at my place,against my sister,and she got so pissed that she pour some stinky oil on my door.hahas.BIATCH!now someone is really barking.HAHAS.

got to know a girl named charmaine from BPS! it's like she's such A HOT BABE! ((:
don't deny it,cause you are one.she's sucha personable and so free-spirited.((:

alright,gotta go have a cat-fight with my sister.

Monday, November 21, 2005

it's no fun running around without an aim

so i woke up late.i went online,and boredom overtook my time.then i did rather something interesting today,to me it is lar.
i was playing with tea bags,lipton's i rested for about 15 minutes with 2 dampen teabags over my eyes,since i studied that teabags are said to help fade under eyebags because they contain tannin and polyphenols which have an astringent effect.HAHAS.
then later,i use the tea leaves and scrubbed it on my skin,and like it really works,it gave a me amuch smoother and calming tone and skin! go try it,i gurantee it does wonders! ((:
then after that,i got dressed for the chalet at nrscc,siang koon's chalet.WTH LAR!i stepped on dirty muddy water.luckily there was a toilet nearby.HAHAS.then met glenn,took an mrt and cab to the place.
was damn pissed off cause me and glenn waited for jin wei or anyone's call,so we walked to the beach,enjoyed the breeze for a nice 2 hour lar! ((: pffft,but nonetheless it calm me down.
then i finally got hold of siang koon's number,and went venting my anger on the phone at jin wei,finally found the bungalow for a pathetic 20 mins,since the place was magnanimous.
lot's of people from acs b,and well other 'sorts' of people.
in the end,i got chased away and was quarelling with jin wei for another 20 was a good cause,so thanks lar anyway.
me and glenn wound up wasting our $14.50 ride to orchard cinileisure,to eat dinner at yoshinoya.-yumsyums-
walked around,celebrated over famous amos cookies,than walked over to far east.
WTH?it was like freezing cold,when i walked,maybe cause i was wearing a halter,but couldn't be,glenn was worst off lar,he was wearing long sleeve.
walked around,looked at shoes,visited my brothers.
bought 3 earrings for the price of one.((:
then we took an mrt back,oh yea,from now on,glenn is my a single mother,how proud. ((:

Sunday, November 20, 2005



went to j8 to support cherri and another girl,forgotten her name,just to realise she'll be singing on monday instead,i was like HAHAS! i was with ji min and salma.and i was like wearing this simple white-t shirt.and my levi's folded up to 3/4.and an acs tie around my neck.and a skateboard on the other hand. pretty much looked like a punk ass.anyway,we went to st michael's school,it was not too bad except i think we embarrased ourselves like nuts.then we went separate ways,i of course went to far east,to get the bloody board fixed.BUT DAMN IT! it's so damn effing heavy that i can't even do a proper ollie. -grumbles-. rushed for service,i wanted to scream at the bus driver for coming late,effing long can!then i clombered up to church to find my cell,and plopped a seat next to them.and oh we went walking to the beach,for some erm km i think.but oh wells.folks picked me up to go to the airport to send of uncle alfred and celebrate auntie kim's birthday.i was pretty bored and tired,eating my dinner on the other hand and running around looking after 9 kids.ohs and im slightly happier now.


bored like shit today.but i went for worked and got my pay at my aunts place.yes im working as a caretaker for her house,lame and er wth i know,but its good.earn 55 per sunday and a bonus of 800 next week once i submit my work for her my legs and arms are aching me.oooooh boy.anyway,im using my dads laptop,EFFING tough lar.







Friday, November 18, 2005

i tried.

alright i ate lunch,but gave up halfway,so i decided to lavish it on my watermelon drink.walked and tried on clothes at almost all the branded shop at wisma with DAWN BEY AND HUANG JI MIN! had a lil fun,but nothing seemed to mend my heart.then stephanie yeo called,telling me she saw sean ng,i was laughing and laughing,but belive it or not,i left for p.s and TA DA sean ng working at go complain about him! HAHAS,joke.anyway,i was like eck about it,cause what impact was there?nothing.loved all my 'bfs' there, steph yeo,sandra lyn,elsa,tiffany,kym and rachel.THANKS FOR MAKING ME LAUGH AND SMILE GIRLS.I NEEDED IT,THANK GOD I FOUND IT IN YOU GUYS. ((:
it was theraputic and soothing,to get a soul cracking with laughter and simply tired me out today.

you've become everything i loathe,
now everything between us is comprimised
what could have been and what could be is simply gone right before my eyes.i refuse to belive that but it HIT me hard.i loved you so much,beyond anyone could imagined but now it's empty everywhere...and i can't fix all those holes.
but i found a drift of words unspoken.

maybe i'll scream cause it hurts,
your every word cuts me inside.
and now we're saying goodbye.

i can't like your character.what you've become..i don't think i can ever change my mindset,it's just too're speech and lifestyle is so different from's you i did you ever become tliek this?why did you had to guide me along this lie?it's just you...
belive me..i just can't just not your type i suppose.i'll never be.

movin already gone.and i'll be.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

you WERE mine

what can i say? im having eating disorders,not that im anaeroxic,but i just refused to eat,im just not eating cause im not fat,im simply just not eating cause i've got no appetite at's been 3 days,and i've been drinking green-tea frapps.
what can i say? i lost everything i had.i wound up crying and just not being myself,im just crushed.i wound up locking myself in the toilet,with 5 friends painstakingly trying to urge me to get the end i did,but i just cried again.
what can i say? i'm back to square one again.
what can i say? it's useless.not sleeping that much.getting bad dreams,wound up screaming either someone else's name,or just crying,and the moon's ray shining so brightly.
what can i say? im not broken,so don't fix me.

cause im crush,so crush,cause i always thought that it would've been the 2 of us.

Monday, November 14, 2005


CRUD! the printer is gone,so i can't upload any photo's.
and DOUBLE CRUD im grounded.)): rarrs.
im simply mad at this small world. sneaking out tomorrow, with 2 besties of mine. and christmas is coming?i didn't know that.((:
can't wait for the occasion,hahas think i'll be in the festive mood.ogay so here's what i did to kill time. QUIZZY! ((:

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Saturday, November 12, 2005


went out of house 6 in the morning and didn't came back till 12 midnight.had school,got back my report book,sucked like anything.Than i rushed for cca,then went to parkway to meet my cell leader and my members for the dance.then back to orchard,forum to meet cassie and justea.(:
oh and i woke up this morning to receive my mum back form the u.s,and CRUD! she still say, '' oh your skateboard?i didn't buy it,cause i couldn't find it.''
then i was like WTF?but i just told my mum the address of the place,cause i already e-mailed the owner of the shop to RESERVE my board specially for me.)):
DANG LARS! )): then there was comments. 2 headed vicious creatures in my life.

alright gtg now,gonna go watch emily rose.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

an easier way to upload my photos instead of using ol hello picasa.yeas.anyway,when i entered class today,atmosphere was pretty's oblivious that everyone is scared of the results,whose gonna be promoted,all eventually leading into frienship trials.i guess,the school is pretty pathetic,whatever more can i say?we are living in a pathetic world,without insane.
took a bus down to far east with ji min and sandra,just to look at shoes.and we THOUGHT we saw russel kang,but eck,no use daring each other to go up to him and politrly ask was he really russel kang. ((:
met cassie and THE band.i think it was called the DEAD FROGS are something like that,how was i suppose to know,but it had something to do with frogs.then mum called,asked me to rush home to do something important for her.OH CRUD,im getting back my report book tomorrow.)): i don't want.and we like got test right after we start school?how insane and crazy it sounds and feels.the schoool is driving us nuts and to hell. oh yea.

i hope you choke on your dreams,EVERY night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OH wells.i trimmed my hair,it already has a fringe and yes it's layered.
hung out at ali's and sher's shop yesterday with cassie,before we met JUSTEA! ((: HAHAS.
i need to loose weight.and get a tan and get a J-O-B!
oh wells.mummie is coming home from america with my new board! -waves ahnd in the air-
THANK GOD! ((: it's been time.oh yeas.i was being naughty today,actually asked my friend to help me with a fake cast,in order not to attend dance! HAHAS. fun fun.oh a maths test tomorrow,gotta go practice later.

Monday, November 07, 2005

it's's all a girl ever ask for.((: Posted by Picasa


Sunday, November 06, 2005

went to visit rachel,riccadona,their mum and the stuff at the hairdresser yesterday,just to kill my travelling time to church.and i think i'll be trimming my hair or cut a fringe there next thursday.
ASS LARS YOU! walked up and down,up and down! ):
then this irritating I international model,approached us,i crusehd the namecard and walked off,i could'nt care less.
then of course,i rushed to service,in flip flops? hahas.right.then back again to orchard,to meet some people and buy my SUBWAY! ((: yumsyums.
oh and i totoally embarrassed myself in bus 54! there were at least 6 korean guys that boarded the bus,one of em was shirtless.and this is how it goes.

guy stares at me.
i stare back.
guys smile.
i couldn't care less,so i turned away.
guy talks to his friend,who was next to me.
both of em stares at me,and i give a weird look.
guy who was shirtless.talks to em.
and now the 3 stares at me,and practically everyonelse in the bus who wanted to know the drama.
one of em talks to me,asking me for something,for what the hell it was.
and i said,HUH?WHAT?
and he said erm nothing.
i flushed red like hell.-hangs head-
and they finally departed,as i was left to be stared at by every passenger,as though im some artifact.HAHAS. ((:'re missing you terribly! )): -RAWRS-

Friday, November 04, 2005

oh my

i was late for class AGAIN,crud,blame it on the rain and the traffic jam.and i happily got wet in the rain,just enough to dampen my spirits. ):
had dance,alright,im starting to enjoy it cause it keeps me off my knees.(:

you know i can't smile without you,
i can't smile without you,
i can't laugh,i can't sing,
i'm finding it hard to do anything.

you see i feel glad when you're glad,
i feel sad when you're sad,
if you only knew what i'm going through,
you know i just can't smile without you.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


oh crud,one by one,we're all getting calls from the schools. -RAWRS-
curses!anyway,eck,they forgot one of the missions,
to bring people DOWN,like way down. ):
so,happy deepavali and a hari raya,to all those celebrating these 2 festives. ((:
shitness,gonna miss someone damn badly. please come back,don't go outta the country.):
oh wells.this is getting me no where,i've got nothing much to say,since i know the oblivious that this is gonna be another boring holiday,so does anyone care to waste their time with me just rotting away?i'll be nice i'll buy you ice-cream.((: -beams- HAHAS.
crud,just crud,i hate it when my folks,never listens or understand me or even hear me out.