Thursday, April 23, 2009

One day school will be too cool

Hey ho! I know I haven't been posting at all, but school and anniversary operation has been tying me down so much. So far I have a few pages of articles to read for 2 modules and to further my reading and findings before each lesson starts, I also have a 15 page script to memorise whereby i play the role of 'M n M' (please don't laugh), I also have to find activities to complete up my ce points, and then there's this 'portfolio development' whereby I have to start 'now', however nobody knows WHAT to start with, and it seems emailing facilitators are of complete of no use, because i have been waiting for 3 days for a reply, and i guess waiting for an answer from the sky is what i shall do next. Also there's anniversary operation. (: I can't spill all details here on the blog because stef might chance upon what i'd be planning up for him. I hope everyone is doing fine at school, oh wells.. I'm rushing up in writing uhhh something. And my computer is spinning around. Or isit me? OH wells, i'll spill more another day, as for now I need to get my bum down NOW.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After having to change my mobile number after 4-5 times, in my whole 8 years of having a phone, I realized that telling everyone that you've changed your number gets irksome.

scenario 1:
Me: PEOPLE! PEOPLE PEOPLE! This is my new number onwards, i'm no longer using 9********. Please save this number from now onwards and don't be a cock and message the other number, because this message is evident that I DID give you my new number. THANK YOU! (:
-texts to 200+ people on contact list-

Comments: Some say that you waisted 200 worth of free text messages. Some say it's a waste of time because it's either you have or you don't. Some say, i'll purposely provoke the person next time and text 'Who's this?' if he or she replies.

scenario 2:
Anna Marie: Hey carl! I texted you the other day, and you didn't reply!
Carl: Oh yea! Sorry! I changed my number, what's yours?
Anna marie: 9*******, what's yours?
Carl: Thanks!
-walks further up in school and gets the same question from Joseph, Mark, Jacob, Candice, Jasmine, Janal, Ali, Murugesh etc

Comments: Most common experiences, and this were one of the top i had.

Scenario 3:
Me: Hey i changed my number but i forgot yours, gimme yours, i'll miss call you!
Gary: 9******* got it thanks!
-does the same for 200+ contacts-

Comments: And there you would have used up probably 30-50 mins worth of free outgoing calls.

Scenario 4:
This would be the same as scenario 1 but in a mass instant messaging form.

Comments: Wow unless one likes the tedious and precautious way of not giving your number to 'strangers' and finding out who and which person you should give too. That'll be way cool.

Well after coming down of a perfect way to give out my new number to selected people, I think i might just use scenario 4 and 3. Haha so i pray for patience from everyone and not to breathe down on my neck, plus at this timing now, i still haven't taken a shower, so y'all might wanna take a step back! Rest assured, you'll get the new number soon.

Alas, I can surrender now my time to my organizer, my emails, my work, my text to the sex right here. Have a good night everyone. (:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chilly willies

SAKITTTT! (pain in malay)

My legs are reallly really really aching. Joy and I volunteered to help her cousin hand out some flyers at Bishan area on thursday. And hell did the odd 15 of us combed the entire Bishan vicinity. So if any of you living in Bishan and are reading this, we were the ones that handed out the patent like flyers about a condo in serangoon. But please spare a thought for us. For we had to climb 25 floors which staircases felt like 2.4 km run. What's trecherous when some hdb flats had their lifts under renovation and we had to climb up the 25 floors of staircases.

I guess you could say Joy & I had fun accomplishing a task. But a task that we both think would hunt us whenever if we ever decide to pruchase a house. It left an icy feeling in my back bone that i can never forget really. It was like way more worse than seeing a ghost, infact if i were standing next to a ghost (perhaps friendly ones) we would have been both scared of our souls. You see, the haunting part of handing out the fliers were seeing the houses that had paint splashed acrossed, or summons demanding for the money. However i can remember one house that was fully COVERED with some plastic like material with a police report stuck on it, and yes obviously with paint. Another house had a grim and unfortunate mark of having the previous dickhead owner who owned the loanshark money and the new tenants were harrased madly, till they had to install some camera. And the last house was one of the creepier ones, having to see yellow and red paint with a few notice hanging to say that the tenant has not been attending counselling sessions. And there were like shitloads of empty beer can bottles and the windown was open, so we scurried our bags away.

So after that day Joy and i learnt our lesson, if we wanted to do this again,
1) instead of like 2 people, surround yourself with like 4-5 people. It's ok to be a puss. Every human is scared of something.
2) Like device an einstein plan that can help you get all the flyers, without getting your muscles ached.

Whatever it is, i shall not want to see a flight of stairs in the following week.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ipod filled with love songs are better than any diamonds in the world

They say that with age follows wisdom. And how true is that? 101%. Only when we were still in our early, mid teens that we are still ignorant, conceited & frivolous. I didn't know any better. And it took me just last and current year to make me realize that I could should would have avoided having more than 1 regret in my life. Afterall, I owe it all to my mom and dad. (:

So today, having lunch with both my mom and my eldest aunt made me feel all cordial like. I bailed out on whatever I needed to do and decided to spend time with the top people in my life. From lunch to shopping, i kinda felt like a mommy's girl again. Oh wait, i've always been kinda a mommy's lil girl. (:

Well, since I belived that I should repay my parents, and give them 10% of my paycheque. I brought mommy to Best Denki at J8, to the apple shop down there (Yea the mini apple store is located IN Best Denki, newly refurbished) and tell her to choose any 'i' instrument she wanted.

And she chose this,

And together with the casing that she chose, it all amounted up to only $367. The ipod nano 4th gen (16gb) + sweet casing for only $367. It was a good gift I could buy for her afterall. (: Now to take my father out.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spider man died today

After a while of working on the designs of my aunt's garden, I decided to indulge myself for some 'Awfully Chocolate' s chocolate cake

So whilst happily wolfing down the cake in my mouth, i stumbled upon this hair like object in the cake. Thinking it was just a hair, i fished it out, making a big mess on the cream. Only to discover to discover and to my horror, that this hair like object was bent to a right angle like object like the shape of an 'L'. And there infront of me was the body, well HALF of the body of a spider.

Well blogger only accepts uptil 8mb size photo, so try to figre out how you're going to view it. Well there, i guess half of the eaten spider is in my stomach. I think i'm going to look for chips now.