Thursday, August 30, 2007

Computer down, Prelims bitch, eyebags drooping, yet to pay phone bills are hate.

Ok i was reading some a friends blog and was just admiring her top when it DAWNED upon me this question, 'When was the lat time did i spent my money on something?'. I've wasted money on top up cards weekly, yes $18 cannot last me for that long, so I guess that explains why my phone bill cost a 1/3 of some working people's salary.

So erika note a rain check.
-get 2 more white sphagetti (Naomi USED one of yours)
-get yourself a new set of heels and pumps. (for some reason, the leather came off, God knows how it did)
-get yourself a new set of wardrobe. (You're running out of things to wear, honestly)

So i guess i'll head to town before going to Jap class to do some shopping and do some bargain hunting, (shhhhh don't ask me for the places that gives THE BEST clothes at ultra lord good prices). And i'm in the midst of my prelims, mind you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Out of this population I wonder how many humans in Singapore, or even in the world actually read my blog. Well I’ve long gone abandon my blog for another latter, but since all you cyber geeks just want to know if I’m alive, I’ll be nice and tell you all how I’ve been doing. (:

School has been a major WHOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I can’t spill all the details out on blog as it has been classified as confidential. But my toast is so burnt. I’m in the midst of my papers, and as many of you know it, well I think I just have to thank the Lord for a million of trees has been bull-dozed over. Question papers are left blank other than the question numbers, name, class, address and date. And the miserable steps I take to finish off each question, sometimes I just catch spasm.

On another good note, well, I’m just a little out of single and full of love. (:

There are 400 billion people on this planet and all you need is 1 person to love.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daddy walks in and hands me a letter. I ripped it open and guess what i found,

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (SGD): $ 985. 69.

I couldn't concentrate on studying. So i slumped on my desk and started trying again to find a way to pay off that ridiculous price. I could use half of my pocket money to pay at least small bit of it. But i can never reach that price. I mean i'm still a STUDENT for crying out loud. I'm NOT getting paid to study am i?!?

I'm utterly pissed off. I WANT someone to make me happy. I don't care! ):<

Saturday, August 11, 2007

stupid promises

I swear on my chocolates, but this is the ever first time i spent a saturday, AT HOME. I'm always out on saturday. But because of stupid silly arguments, ahhh, you get the idea. You love 'em or hate 'em. Which is which, I have no idea. They think I'm blissfully unaware that the majors are upcoming, they think i'm an idiot.

You know it did hit me hard that the O's were coming sometime just a few days back. (To admit this.) Many of you my friends from the N's to the O's, know that we technically did drown ourselves last year, but when the drive of doing another International Recognised exam, that feeling is lost. I did find some feeble excuse to delay studying. But maybe we can't find the drive or the determination to do anything. We might lack most things a successful person should have. THe constant want to do better, the motivation, the inexpendable power and energy of an energizer bunny. It's just ABSENT in life.
But we'll find it.
Nothing is impossible I say.

( I think I should run for mayor, that is if there is such thing in this country,I'd rock the world!:) )

On another note, I thought playing this game was initially over, but i was so very wrong, I'm at it again. And I'm tackling the big boys now. What a weird and strange and beauitful life i lead.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i'm bouncing off the walls again

Man i'm not patriotic, it's national day, so what?

i'm so bouncing off the walls again, and i'm acting like a fool again.

this love that i'll create will have no boundaries.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

fifi and me.

ok due to the privacy of the affairs of my heart, i've given my friend a name that you will not find. However you know the sex, if you don't. You're not even human.

me: HEY you! i just came by, was thinking about you and just wanted to know how you were doing?
fifi: Just a little tired. Just had rehearsal, tomorrow got show. Now at vivo, having lunch, how bout you?
me: i'm doing just fine. really swell. how's everyone?
fifi: same old. Nothing change. How's school and all?
me: it can be a whore, especially since prelims are around the corner. heyyyy, i miss you a tad bit.
fifi: miss you abit too.(:
me: we should meet up more often now.
fifi: maybe we should but no promises k?
me: i'm not surprised. hey i was just wondering but do you still have the picture we took on our first date still?
fifi: yarp
me: awwww ok.

what are the signs that you are sending me again?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

For Hadi.

Hey small boy,

it's over and done with. So you should be happy now just like how I am happy with my life. I don't have to be nice all the time, reason being this is the REAL world we live in. Plus, take it as a way of preparing you as well. I may not be the best person in the whole world, but that doesn't mean I'm the least either. You were a wonderful guy to me, my sister and well to my life. I enjoyed our conversations, our dates, our text-messages, our bus journey's down to your training grounds, everything. I honestly did. But I'm sorry to say that we can no longer call ourselves what we could anymore. Don't prod on. MOVE ON.

I'll never forget you my friend. I won't. I'll be a busy person for the next few months. So you'll see and hear from me like once in a while.

I might hate you now, but that doesn't mean it'll be forever. So go get the girl you've been waiting on for, and this time round, DON'T tell me. Save it for our future meet ups that we'll have. It's not that I'm not interested, bu just save the best for last. So will i, when i meet that guy that i'll fall for, i'll tell you when we meet up. We'll laugh ourselves silly, about this when we look back. Trust me. Been there. Done that.

Well, till then.

All the love,
erika. XO.