Monday, October 31, 2005

i'm feeling seriously down,EFF! those teachers took my very own bestie away from me,and i swear i'll screw them if they take anymore! >:[ -RAWRS-
i guess this post,will be about my very own bestie,one whose been with me,through it all.NISHA SUNIL. ((:

Will we be friends when we grow old?
is this the end of the line?
I hurt with you I love with you the world just seems to get in our way
Is this the end of the line? Oh please don't leave me Don't let your heart let go We'll find a way
The journey has only begun
Is this the end of the line?
Oh yeah, oh Is this the end of the line?
If you leave I'll follow don't let your heart let go
We'll find a way the journey has only begun
Is this the end of the line?

oh please don't go guys.please don''s not over yet,we still gotta finish our FINAL ACT
-runs too room and cry-

Sunday, October 30, 2005

am i that sweet?

since i'm gonna roast under the sun in about 20 mins time.i wanted this colour cause i wanna be dark.ahhh those consequences! ((:
oh wells,did facial yesterday,I SWEAR IM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN.
then mummy sent me too this language centre,to improve my japanese.
WTH? it's effing tiring lars. i've got class. from monday to sunday? -RAWRS-
oh wells.then met up with a friend,hung out with him,wanted to play pool at riverside,but i assume there was some competition going on with all the pro's that we decided not too,felt like small fries. and what is there to flaunt?
so we watched the legend of zoro at j8 instead.thanks for sending me back! -grins-
WOKE up wide early today for church.
NO FAIR! mummy has the nokia n70! -RAWRS-
and my sis has the nokia 6101 lars. -DOUBLE RAWRS-
anyway,im holding on too all their phones,just so i can trade for another phone.((:
oh wells,im gonna bake now. toodles

im confused,i really am?will anyone care to wake me up when all of this will end?

Friday, October 28, 2005

reach out tonight

The vp is leaving,and yes i'll admit,i'll miss's just no more fun hearing her endless concern for us i guess,i really did begained to like her. ((:
mark messaged me all of a sudde,had a glorious shock of my life,and he smsed me just to ask if i was at serene mac'd. didn't go cause i still had class.but i'll be seeing him on monday.((:
passed by ijtp.looked outta the window and tippy pointed my toes to TRY and spot someone,CRUD,couldn't at all. HAHAS. -stares-

i was practically bored,still thinking if i should even go clubbing,cause i just don't have the mood to go anywhere,i just feel like spending a week at the beach,ALONE,AWAY FROM EVERYONE,afterall,everybody HURTS sometime.
anyway,i don't know why i can't no longer find anymore stars this time,i miss sitting at the poolside finding a star,and cupping my eyes just to find the most tiniest,tinniest star.guess there aren't any this time round,no shooting stars found,cause it's simple,
the shining star refuse to SHOOT and SHINE. ):

Thursday, October 27, 2005


i've got no idea,wether i should go club this friday and saturday and sunday.WHY?simple.i've got 3 invites! HAHAS.
ooh crud,i've got CWO tomorrow,but don't think im going cause i've got lessons. HAHAS -sticks out tongue and runs off-

i just wanna know,if you're for real,if you aren't stop wasting my time and life.
do you really wanna do this?pretend nothing ever happened and pretend that i never existed in your world?well guess what that's what you're doing why am i still in your heart?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


it's pretty hard to feel today's colour i guess,so it's randomly,BROWN. (thinks about HERSHEY'S chocolate)
oh wells,mr penya gave an encouraging devotion today,and then MRS TAN HAD TO DISCOURAGE us.
and one by one,each teacher brought us down,i don't get it,i never will,the difference between a teacher and a student.that's why i vow NEVER to become a teacher,even if i would,i'd be more motivational instead of being so cynical and bias. pffffft.

too the person who always read my blog

Hiding away losing the day
As if it doesn't really matter
Saying goodbye, scared to say why
The fading will shadow over
Show me some faith now
Trust me somehow

Why are we keeping a secret
Why are we hiding ourselves away
Anyway we can't hide away
I don't wanna fake it
I wanna make you believe
What I'm say
I won't let you hide away Yeah

Where do we go
How do we know
What we are really after
Sometimes it's clear when you're here
Nothing can shadow over
I need some faith now to trust you somehow

Maybe I maybe I, I'm losing
Maybe I maybe I, I'm OK
Turn around, look around, go around in circle
To run away, drift away, don't hide away

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the shooting star

maybe im feeling blue today.i ono.i guess so.
oh wells,haven't updated.but anyway,it's been raining like cats and doggies.and i must say i enjoy walking under the rain. -jumps on puddles-
anyway,headstart programme STARTED! HELL I ABHORE THE SCHEDUAL! EEEESH
3 blardy periods for each subject. -RAWRS-
i want something theraputic.just no idea what.
i wanna go to esplanade,the merlion park there again.
i miss it there. )):
and to the beach too. too fall asleep under the stars.
and not forgetting,the skating rink. )):
i MISS it all,it's even more fun then having cca dance.

anyone care to take me?i'll be nice! ((: -grins-
HURHURS. oh wells.

you're just looking a lil too hard at me.
so what if a shooting star comes by?it'll never happen.
cause i've simply waited just too long.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


yeas im feeling this colour,not cause im angry,but just love smitten,i won't say who this time.
HURHURS ((: oh wells,went out yesterday with a dear friend of mine,such an irritating ass lars.
oh yeas,then i wanted to fly down to to the airport to send sheila off,but decided not too.
i'll miss you,you lil spunk! )):
toook a bus back to bukit merah,to join my folks and their friends in this function,
i CRIED,tears just literally poured out of my eyes,cause of 2 main reasons.
felt like a complete imbecile. called up MR PEACH.
he dried my tears and calm me down,and all was well,though something inside hurt real badly.
but oh wells. im happy now...and i hope it's for long.

because of you.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I AGREEEE! ((: -NODS HEAD- Posted by Picasa

it's true,so throw rocks

this is the colour for today,GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!! ((:
and i'm doing all you bloggers a favour here alright! so it's goood for your eyesight! [:

had this jewerly-making activity for post exam activity,made earrings. and so i asked nisha about her advice at this 'LIL' situation that im so caught up with.
i ono what to do?is it the right thing?is it worth it? )):

oh wells.ponning church tomorrow. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ((:
off now for church.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

ermmmmmm ((:

oh wells,today we shall use this colour. ((:
watched bend it like beckham to day.had cca variation,everyone SLEPT! texted someone. ((:
hmmmmmmmm oh wells,i've got nothing much to say,since it was boredom. ((:

Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just tryin to get by.
Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky.
And as he asked if i would come along
I started to realize-
That everyday you find Just what he's looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines-.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


im playing with the colours so ignore.
anyway,i had a bad day.why? cause of my pathetic marks.)):
i phucking tried my best,so don't scream or whatsoever. (points at folks).i just can't belive it.but oh wells,im still staying hopeful. ((:
I HEARTS THE GRANDDADDY! they made me smile for a while! pictures are below!

at least,they're eagerness and enthusiasim was much greatly appreciated and back in return. ((:
it seemed all they ever wanted was family love and happpiness,guess we gave pretty much alot to them.

THESE 2 ARE FLIRTS! RAWRRS! Posted by Picasa

the aunties with joyce and fifi. ((: Posted by Picasa

HARHARHAR one HENG clap! Posted by Picasa

i like this's so warm. ((: Posted by Picasa

yea we all HEART'S this dude. ((: Posted by Picasa

laveena,nisha,shalini,pei zhen,maimunah,arti and their granddad. ((: Posted by Picasa

he insisted to take a i said kayy. ((: Posted by Picasa

our 2 granddaddy's for the day for our cip! ((: Posted by Picasa

high hopes and aspirations. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

TEST! )):

Oh yea,so i don't know and don't care what i got for my e.o.y results as we have to add up either this test or that test,that project or this projcet,this homework or that homework,so therefore i decided to give up. overall i pass english and social studies so far! ((:
but i failed japanese..sigh.. )):

oh wells,photo's are up already! YEAS!
had fun at novena today at mph,spent 45 mins reading books.
i <3's that book called 'Boys are stupid,so throw rocks!' ((:
no offence to the male species out there.

BURPS! ((: Posted by Picasa

aren't they preetaye? Posted by Picasa

like father,liks son Posted by Picasa


and POP goes FIFI! Posted by Picasa

these 3 girls from smss. Posted by Picasa

mummifying flo Posted by Picasa


look who got back from the pacific ocean? Posted by Picasa

this 3 nutcases. Posted by Picasa

ooooooooooooooooooooooh yea.groovy! Posted by Picasa

thanks nisha for the side view? Posted by Picasa

YEA MY DADDIES! ((: Posted by Picasa

yea, palawan beach. ((: Posted by Picasa

<3 hearts this people. bundles and oodles of joy. ((: Posted by Picasa