Tuesday, March 16, 2010

your cheap trick

I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I'd love you to love me.
I'm beggin' you to beg me

Friday, March 05, 2010

I swear, I'll forever hold every memory.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

what i wouldn't give

I don't exactly know what to say or to do now. You always single-hand me out and say that "....of all the people I should understand..." yea i thought so too, but it looks like I guessed wrong and you put the heavy weight expectation all on me. We can never agree on the same thing. You are too defensive for my nature. You don't realize sometimes the stuff you say or do can hurt someonelse. You always insist you're right and you can never take criticism.

I didn't think and I am sure that I don't really expect much from you at all. I do tell you stuff, but it's only because I care and I do want the best for and out of you. And so now I tell you this, out of all the people I know, I thought YOU would understand and you would care. But I'm proven wrong this time round, that there may be other people out there who do care about me more than you do.

"You see sculptors and painters said that to paint a head, you have to give up the whole figure. To paint a leaf, you'd probably have to sacrifice the landscape. Likewise I, it did seem that I limit myself out alot of things but after a while I realize that if i had a quater of a something, I'd slowly have a better chance of holding on to a cerain feeling of the universe rather than the sky. But with you, I didn't choose a head or a leaf, I chose you and to hold on to that feeling, I sacrificed the world." -From Unknown.