Monday, October 30, 2006

A thousand miles

I titled my post as A Thousand Miles, most of you would link it too White Chicks but nooooo ah!

Life is a mystery to me at times, the more you unravel the things you should unravel it can be a blessing or a curse. The miles i walk in life can calculate what my life would be like in the end. But i hope everyone of you picture as yourself as a priceless work of art, no soul or power can ever buy. But many of you beg to differ. (:

I would like to ask you, my readers, what the feeling is like to be falling in love? Is it something really good? Or is it something you have to keep caution about?

You see i'm stuck in a lovely situation, aka a dilema. There are things you would love to hear, but it turns out to be all sticky. There's a goood side and bad side to everyone, not all that is good is bad and not all that is bad is good. But where did this sources come from and where did they get their information?

  • People hear it from other people. Assumptions.
  • People see it and become all stereo typical. Misjudgements.
  • Like the game broken telephone, a piece of information is missing. Miscomunication
  • Words get around. People start talking. Rumors

This 4 traits tarnishes the images and destroy's anything that's beautiful.
And so that's what i got. Sad isn't it. I've made up my mind, but i know it's fast. So i'm still thinking and idling away wondering and doing self meditation like a rock. ( Do rocks even meditate? Wait i'm NOT stoning ahh!!) Can someone really really tell me something i would love to hear?

I guess this is it. I'm by myself in the end of the day to think about it. It's my decision and how it affects my life is also how i'm gonna be happy about it. Well then, i guess i'll go up to my roof top terrace and do a little thinking. Till tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cont'd from yesterday's post.

Well soo me and alex went to linn's sweet 16 party at fort canning park. Met jeric and soon leng first, before the rest came, was properly introduced to jeremy, derek and leon, joshua and the list continue. Waited for alex's ex primary school mate, ailin kea. The night was pretty much more of dancing, with RnB and hip-hop. Not what i expected either. The night was pretty young.
Danced with some ij girls who were really nice sweet pies. Santos was there so whoopeeedoo.
Danced with errrr elton and freddie. I think i've said too much. What happend there, REMAINS there. Those who were there knew what happend. I:

So on friday i overslept because i talked tooo someone from 12a.m to 7a.m. Longest i ever talked in the phone without a wink of sleep. I didn't go to the beach in the end, instead i hung out with _________________________________________________________________
_________________________________________________________________ and ________. I wish i was sober for a moment and i can just wake up realising nothing happend. But i guess it's reality that stayed with me.

this time round, i'm speechless i swear i am. But i hope you won't judge me upon the decisions that i make sometimes, if you ever do, then you're brain dead. Sometimes things happens, and yes that includes shit. However, how one wants to lead his/her life, is his/her decision on how he/she choose to live it. I live mine to the extreme not wanting to live it with regrets, even if there were, there's joy in it. I'm erika. Please don't judge, just learn and explore.
i must be crazy i swear.

Linn's party yesterday. I have alot to talk about.
Party was pretty alright, hell alot of people i knew over there, alex came. Yeaaa we were the only 2 from St Marg's.

Alright i'll stop. I swear im dammmn tired

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well. Today was a slush. I lived a day of a typical couch potato i eat, watch t.v, sleep and chat on-line. Alright so today i've decided to talk about fashion. (:

What to wear on your date?
Now i know there's no reason why to freak out when you open your closet and you discovered something. You have absolutely nothing to wear or NO idea what to wear. Well i know for sure, i won't be there to rescue you, nor calling would help. So here's some pointers.
  1. Wearing jeans or skirts? Sure no problem, but the top you want to wear should stand out and match the bottom. A shirt, may or may not be ideal it depends, sure i know that comfort is a factor but presenting and carrying yourself is another. A halter, a tube, a toga, or whatever. You know, for this i'll leave it for you to use your imagination and creativity.
  2. Don't EVER EVER wear mis-match colours, i'll kill you.
  3. Don't wear tooooo formal or tooooo slack either.
  4. Accessorize, please do.
  5. Do the hair, is a check.
  6. Shoes HAVE to match what you're wearing.

Oh right, sure they help huh? Well basically i encourage all daters and datees to use your own imagination and create a style of your own, leave me a tag or add me on msn ERIKA

Well. Today was a slush. I lived a day of a typical couch potato i eat, watch t.v, sleep and chat on-line. Alright so today i've decided to talk about fashion. (:

What to wear on your date?
Now i know there's no reason why to freak out when you open your closet and you discovered something. You have absolutely nothing to wear or NO idea what to wear. Well i know for sure, i won't be there to rescue you, nor calling would help. So here's some pointers.
  1. Wearing jeans or skirts? Sure no problem, but the top you want to wear should stand out and match the bottom. A shirt, may or may not be ideal it depends, sure i know that comfort is a factor but presenting and carrying yourself is another. A halter, a tube, a toga, or whatever. You know, for this i'll leave it for you to use your imagination and creativity.
  2. Don't EVER EVER wear mis-match colours, i'll kill you.
  3. Don't wear tooooo formal or tooooo slack either.
  4. Accessorize, please do.
  5. Do the hair, is a check.
  6. Shoes HAVE to match what you're wearing.

Oh right, sure they help huh? Well basically i encourage all daters and datees to use your own imagination and create a style of your own, leave me a tag or add me on msn ERIKA

Sunday, October 22, 2006

take me away

Tag replies:

Ben: HAHA yes ben i know you're always here, that's why you live oh so darn near me too. Block head! HAHA It's not that fun with the o level dudes/dudettes taking their shit as well. It's boring, not much fun you know what i'm saying?

Who gives a shit: I don't accept hostile and unfriendliness here, ben is not laughing at you, he doesn't have a clue on who the hell are you, but I DO. I'm sorry that this went all the way, but you don't vent frustration on my tag nor my friends thank you. And like i said, i'm still here aren't i to shelter you before you hit the ground? Why can't we be friends? Sigh, i'll explain more when i post for today.

Erika: HOHO. We're all young and reckless and full of happiness. Yes my dear chum, we shall enjoy life while it last, aren't we suppose to anyway?

Sophie: My, my, my. Thou shall have no fear, for Gandhi whose actual name is erika will spare you from thy evil plots of thee fans of sg Idol. [:

Saturday's outing was a craze, had some things to do in the morning and i rushed down to meet joy, amanda bay, van and jia man at wheelock. Headed for service, am i ever glad to be in the sanctuary, for there i found my hiding place. The cell went to Terminal 2 of Changi airport to grab some chow, while i headed down to Orchard to meet Khai, Tiang Sian and Terence, waited for some time and i was getting pissed. But it all changed when i had a brief conversation with a kind stranger.

Stranger: ' Getting frustrated over waiting for someone or are you waiting for no reason?'
Erika: -looks left and right- 'OH, well im getting frustrated over waiting for someone, well what about you?'
Stranger: 'Well i can't be waiting like an idiot for no reason.'
Erika: -smiles- 'Right, the oblivious'
Stranger: 'Who are you waiting for?'
Erika: 'My friends'
Stranger: 'The occasion?'
Erika: '________________'
Stranger: Oh my what a day.'

He asked if i was mix blooded, and i told him i was japansese and HE was from myanmar studying at SIM, he wondered how old was i and i replied 16 and still schooling, guess he got quite a shock as he said i didn't look a bit of a 16 year old, asked where i studied and wether or not i like the education. He's a nice chap, though he does resemble Pierre Png.He left first and we shook hands and exchanged ONLY names, he's roy. And i continued waiting.
When the group came, i stormed out of the mrt and headed for home, wasn't happy but they apologised but still i wasn't happy, i didn't want to spend the _____________ like this afterall.

However, i don't understand why Singaporeans can't have an openminded, a kind stranger who talked to me made my day and made me smile, instead of the usual ' SIAO! Don't know this stranger, yet chee ko peh me by talking to me, KNN.' Wow. What friendly characters, i don't know HOW the hell we ever got the most friendliest and courteous award, well at least im satisfied to see that we're in the bottom of the 'Most courteous counrty' we really don't deserve it. But maybe it's just us or yet even the world, NO ONE wants to be nice anymore. So screw it.

To that guy who WILL read this:
So i guess you've decided to shut up and chide away this shit, thinking eventually that it will die huh? Don't be a looser please. I'm not scolding you. But i don't see why should you? You don't deserve this, i don't see us in the future you see. I don't think you should deserve a girl like me. However please don't blame it on yourself, i have my reasons too, but i guess i should be honest with you and not lie right?

1. I confess, what you wore on thursday, turned me off totoally. The mohawk did not go well with the clothings, It wasn't what i had in mind and what i accepted either.
2. Talking about jocks, i don't hang out with them, i just happend to know them, to heck with them it's not like their the OC, seriously, they aren't popular, bring those kids to the U.S and you'll be lucky enough to hear them being labelled as theee 'WANNABEES' or worst 'OUTCAST'.
3. The way you approach the situation, it wasn't romantic either.
4. I'm bewildered at how you ditch the ex for me, it's cruel, it's absurd and i'm not some other alternative. I'm not a chick who you can just chuck aside.
5. I hate the fact that you're so full of yourself.
6. This is connected to 4, and this 2 maybe the largerst portion that shares the reason. I don't know how you could ever be infatuated and think of it as love. IF infatuation were ever love, then what is love? Sex? I don't think so. What do you take me for? A slut, bitch, idiot? Idiot maybe, but i'm not that stupid and i'm dumb as well. Don't ever underitimate me. I said this to the others now i say to you, i'm capable of many things. Just don't push the buttons. When you finally fall in love, tell me, i'll be totoally happy for you and i'll take you out on ice-cream.
I guess that's that. I know it's mean, but that's how i learnt and what i undergone, i'm not gonna neglect you or shut you out of my life and i hope you won't do the same.

( I remembered about talking about some fashion bits and pieces of advices on what to wear to a date, however i'll spray more about it tomorrow)

So maybe i'm going out with a guy tomorrow, it's a date i know, but i see nothing else, he wants to hang out and catch me up on things, i'm absolutely vouching for that.

Friday, October 20, 2006


To: Eevel
There are things you'd love to hear but you would never hear it from the person whom you'd like to hear it from but don't be deaf to the one who says it with his/her heart. i'm sorry. I knew i should have told you maybe it's just me, maybe i'm like all others just an insensitive motherfucker and i thought i wasn't. Misconceptions are rampant in this worl dove comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed.
To those who still believe even though they've been betrayed and to those who still love even though they've been hurt before: NO one should let your happiness depend on others. That's something i've realised and leant. You know it's true that we don't know what we've got till it's missing but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing till it arrives. But from this i learnt that being stubborn gets you nowhere, sometimes all you need to do is open your ears to those who wish to give you advice and maybe sometimes take that advice and let it sink into your thick skull and shrivelled brain.

Courtesy from Tim Han's blog:
infatuation is marked by insecurity. you're excited and eager, but not genuinely happy. there are nagging doubts, unanswered questions and little bits and pieces of him/her that you would just not examine too closely or it might spoil the is quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection. it is real. you are warmed by his/her presence even when he/she is away. miles do not seperate you. you want him nearer but near or far, you now he is yours and you can wait.infatuation says:" We must get married right away. I can't risk losing him/her."love says:" Be patient. Don't panic. Plan your future with confidence."infatuation lacks confidence. when he's away, you wonder if he's cheating. sometimes you means trust. you are calm, secure and unthreatened. he/she feels that trust and that makes he/she even more trustworthy.infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. if you're honest, you'll admit that it's hard to be in one another's company UNLESS you are sure it will end in intimacy.

Well i think i'm sure,actually i AM sure. This time it's true. It's care and concern and wanting to be everything he needs except his lover i feel. Disregard the past few days, I'll be the one you always need. But that's that. We can't. I hope you really understand, you could still lean on me and talk to me about everything under the sun. But i don't think i can't be what you want. I'll light up your days but i can't be that person you are reaching out for. I'm happy when you are but yet again that's that. Confusion is really sucky. it's worse than loneliness. at least when you're lonely you can take that teddy bear and talk to it. or go on the computer and chat. but when you're confused, sometimes no one can make things clearer but yourself. and in those sometimes you get so down and out cos you can't make up your mind and you wish so much you had someone who thinks like you to talk to so you can get some help.sometimes i feel stupid and laugh at the irony of all this. why help sort out other people's lives when you can barely manage your own? many times people help their friends to figure things out and all that crap. why don't they take one step back and take a good look at their lives. maybe then they will see that it's not their friends who need help. it's them. and just as many times when these people actually take a minute to examine themselves, they identify mistakes but refuse to look for solutions because they want to run away from the reality and they want to deny the presence of the problem. they hope that by not rectifying the problem, it'll grow stagnant and die away eventually. Likewise myself for an example.

To the guy i know who'll read this.
i'm sorry if i've disappointed you. but it may be sending you the wrong signals if i'm too close. you know i appreciate you, but i don't feel the special feelings for you and i don't feel connected to you. But i've explained myself, you know i care. You know all these from the deepest pits of my heart i'm telling you. I really care. Maybe if you think it's better i'm out of your life. I'd be more than happy to be. But i'll always be around you to shelter you and catch you before you hit the ground if you fall. i've been here to give you what you want, my time. If i haven't been really taking note of you, i'm sorry. It's my fault. I've shouldn't have lead you to this pithole of mine. And you shouldn't have fell for me ever at all.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I want the final blow

''Wherever you go, there you are''

Buckaroo Bonzai

Obviousness i know.

I still can't erase today and i know i can't chuck it somewhere in the back or the corner of my mind. I'm still having a few butterflies in my belly. I still can remember the way it was.

  • Rushed home, stopped halfway dead on my tracks to discover i was panting and breathing in an uncomfortable way.
  • I felt uncomfortable.
  • Bathed, changed. Took almost about an hour cause i repeatedly change outfits cause i was asking my sister to judge.
  • Grabbed whatever i could. I took a bus and i went down to meet ______.
  • Had a mohawk, 2 nipple piercings, a tatoo. 1 accomplishment for an 18 year old i respect.
  • Had alot on my mind. Bumped into many people.
  • Watched 'death-note'. Thoughts were interupted during a commercial because of err something.
  • Loved the movie. Didn't like the position i was sitting on. Too fidgety. Tummy rummbled. But i wasn't hungry.
  • SOOOO MANY people called and texted while i was watching

I don't know how to summarise it all, bits and pieces are missing but that's what i can think of in general. The movie was wonderfully directed. I very much adored it. Gawd im so proud of my japanese culture. [:

I guess i'm confused, but i'm mumbling to myself, close to chanting, 'I'm sorry you like me. I'm sorry but i don't want to know what the end will be. I'm sorry you were just a friend'. I can't belive im trembling now, because im scared. I will have to fib, but i know it's a sin and i shouldn't. But i'll say from this start, i'm sorry i HAVE to lie. I know i will be living a lie, it's stupid enough. Knowing that at the end of the roads i will gain will be nothing, it's gonna hurt me one way. Believe me. I guess by now you want the answers to all the questions you've been asking. If you just read my blog once more and see this, i know i have so much explanation to do. But what you are about to see and hear is probably just gonna shut you off from me. I'll be wishing soon that i can have things down the better way. I'll be sorry to you.
You can hate me and if you'll ever want me out of your life, i'll be more than happy to. Right now i'm crying like some mad fuck.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Friend and Foe

-On the other hand, it hit me on my brain this afternoon. Call it pmsing or what, but no one fucking understands that i always wanted to BE there but i never once failed to feel temporary as a friend. I'm weak inside althought i act so brave and strong. I'm sick of the one way ticket rides that i'm on alone. Most people i know, come and go just as you want. You disappear and then come as and when you think you should again. I had to understand that every single one of you has other friends and a boyfriend and at times when i needed you it WAS OKAY for you all to NOT make time but when it came to me? I'm sick of this whole impression when it was meant to be true right at the beginning. IF NO ONE WAS MEANT TO STAY, THEN NONE OF YOU SHOULD HAVE STEPPED INTO MY LIFE.

-Do most of you believe that God was cruel enough to give us eyes? Because of this wondeful body part, we choose not to listen. And because of this, people SAY they forgive, but how many choose to forget?I can see the pain in you actually T, im not as blind as you think i am, though even a blind man can still feel and here but that doesn't add up to why he can't really see. He does. Back, to me and i can see the love in you. If i was to give in, and give it up i'd make it deep cause it might be the last one you get. For the first time, you've got me worrying bout the things that could make us cold before i fall into a place that fails us all inside. I've never felt so unable and uneasy. All i hope is no one get's hurt, i don't get hurt. Im sincerely lost in all directions DEEP DOWN INSDE ACTUALLY.
I hate the fact that i know that ________ is checking me out and digging me ( i sound like a pimp) Im scared to know if i find that the truth is that im the one that is on your mind.
I find it funny like how out of a sudden your friend/ex bf suddenly comes up to you and tell you you're beautiful and then you start to have a few chats and the next thing you know he's down on his knees telling you he has fallen head over heels. GET REAL please and tell me the truth guys of what made you suddenly feel this way. If it's the looks, i'd ask you to burn in hell and choke on happiness next. I hate that feeling because it's the part of the guy where they will toy with the lady's feelings. Fags you are. I want to know what the secret is. Stop hiding the balls.
It's not fun
JOY: HAHA! CHEE KO PEI! PEI KO CHEE! Like i said, they're jealous that i have something they will never have. [:
-salutes back- respect respect. BEHOLD THE MAGNIFICANT C! -jumps around and holds flag-

EVEE!: Oh speaking of mohawk, i respect people who dare to wear. Now that's true style.

-I thought going to school today would be a joy, HELL WAS I WRONG. I got ticked by Karen Tay and Jean Tan for having UNTIDY HAIR. I was like WTF, it's not as if i carry a mirror infront of my face 24/7 and i have the chance of going to the toilet to check my hair. Now here it shows im not a vain pot like all the other pots in school. -smiles with gleee- But to add to the sorrow, i've been called back to comeback for dance. BUMMER! I was like 'SHIT THIS I don't need this now.' Damn fuck la. Screwed up weird school. And I was at the pond with Mai and Lav on the way out of the gates, when we realised that a number of koi fishes went hiding. Truth turned out to be that they all died. Die? Die of what?
And mai said: 'Probably they died of all the stress Mrs Tan gave.'
-kicks school gate-
you probably didn't get the joke, but that's ogay.

-SO when i was on my way back home from TPY, a group of ij TP girls, assuming sec 2's due to the maturity level. HELL and all i wanted was a little peace and quiet. I can't stand the way the bitch about everything under the sun, fucking irritating voices. And their vocab was patethicly ridiculous. Now please don't judge me here that i hate IJ TP people, to hell with you if you do. I love my IJ FRIENDS and i love them just the way they are, maybe because we're all 16 and we've grown out of the ludacris stage. You know who you are girls, Claudia Phuah, Ailiin Phua, Anastasia Takahashi, Venelyn Ong, Humairah, Nicole......(i forgot her last name, but i know she's eurasian)Prisca and well the others who i haven't mention, i LOVE you. (: But you know me if you're cocky and immature, screw you!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

buy a life

I get to think that people can be just people. A person = a person. If many of you are not open minded, i advise you not to carry on reading and conclude here. But if you aren't, well then carry on to trail down.

So i wore a top, and yes i repeated and outfit, there's nothing wrong about 'out-fit repeating'. Unless you're a celebrity where the media is on your case 24/7, that differs. Most of you know the low cut caftan i have, bluish-green with leafy like prints, well i wore that today to Vivo city to meet up with Fariza, Nisha and Terence. Well i couldn't care less with the countless of stares i received, cause of the low cut caftan which exposes my cleavege. I admit i have a big and well dare to say hot cleavege, reason being is because erika is busty. YES I AM! And i don't have a problem with that, i like it just the way it is, if it gets any bigger well i thank the Lord above because He created me this way and i'm NOT gonna do anything about it.

However some of you beg to differ, because you're conservative or you just don't have a sense of fashion. Either both ways, it's a sad thing how these 2 catergorised people are locked from the outside world, well being open minded is not a sin. You see it on the streets, you see it everywhere. The showing of affection from teens in public places to talking out loud. It's not a sin. But people people people people are like going nuts about this. Unlike the U.S and France, EVERYONE is openminded and i love it. Kissing passionately under the eifel tower to picnicing infront of the Abraham Lincoln,
In any case any of you ask who the hell is he. He was the 16th president of the U.S who led the country during civil war but later died from assasination at Ford's theatre. And this is from the brain of mine, nothing was searced.
So i laugh at your face if you're those 2. And some words, Go and get or buy a life.

One idol of mine who is not afraid of what the world thinks of herself is Dita Von Teese. I'm not gonna tell you about her. Be productive and go search it for yourself. I just admire her especially for her looks, that look that came from the era of Audrey Hepburn. SIGH.

Monday, October 16, 2006

She was a little girl

My child hood. Posted by Picasa

Pictures by joy. Credits to joy
The on in that blue shawl is me. HAHA. Whatever you say Joy. (:

Mom left for Korea yesterday, and surprisingly i teared abit. I miss that bit of her whereby she would be screaming at us or just calling our names and treating us like little 'Maria's' despite we already have a maid. It's boring and nothing to me when she comes back with all the Aramni Exchange, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, L.V, DKNY, Prada, Guess, Puma, Nike, Addidas, Miss Sixty, Tod's and all the designer brands. It doesn't appeal to me anymore. And by posting this i know i'mma imposing a 'ROB ERIKA'. I just want the attention and understanding women.

And dad brought me to the ICA building to get my ic done. HAHA. Finally after 3-4 months. Was reading magazines dated back this year and last, Vogue and Harper's & Queen, England Edition to kill time. Dad left me after he paid and i was free.

Little bored ol me flew to Novena to grab a packet of Kraft's Mac and Cheese (rugrats) and Black Pepper Sausage and Chicken Cheesesticks from BK for the little girl back home. Wasted my time watching Princess Hours in DVD. Touchy but i like the fact that it tugged my heart. So kudos to that.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yeap sandra's feet and mine. Panic at dxo yesterday. Saw alot of people from Amanda-Zara.
Talked to Victoria and stayed with her most of the time. Ran back and forth getting id's, money and ticket and pulling people INTO the line. Almost died wearing the heels, so i took it out and ran around bare footed.
THEN TRAGEDY STRUCK AT ME. Mum called and i had to go home. I think she's having menopause. I HATE IT LA!
Nevermind, had a good time catching up with people and talking to the many and meeting new faces. (:
But as usual Fashion do's and dont's.

I've got nothing to comment about this time round actually mainly because everyone was looking at their best and glamouring through so yeapp. OHHHH MAYBE
dress at your best and dress whatever and however you feel like to. There's no harm and pain in looking great. It doesn't matter. ((: Posted by Picasa
WELL this is thursday for you . A little small gathering, with Fifi, Joyce, Floremae, Michelle, Laveena, Nisha, Ji Min, Alex, Bay, and Belinda.
Stepped on 2 Satay sticks and thank God for them, they manage to operate me on the spot. OOOOOOH HOW I LOVE THEM.
Flo said i was 'full'. I know i am and i'm proud i am! ((: Having a great big bust is actually another blessing i have, and i actually do appreciate having a big bust, unlike many Asians you see who generally have a small or flat bust. YEAP! PLEATUE!
However the sucky thing is the bikini bit that allows the breast to be exposed in some areas, likewise mine for example.
There is nothing wrong wearing a bikini, so i see no reason why people should just gawk and stare.
But there is another bit, why wear mundane colours that bore the sun out, the usual i see is white, black, brown, green or even pink. To create a whole sunny effect have bits and pieces of patterns. No harm looking great when you feel great. ((: Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I don't know my blood type.

Your blood type is unknown which means one of two things. Either you don't know what your blood type is because you have never been sick enough to need to know, which makes you lucky. Or you don't care enough to remember which makes you cool. Go you.
'What" does your blood type say about you?' at

AHAHAHA. Not surprising

Elect Erika!

Grape soda gives me special powers
'What will your campaign slogan be?' at

I don't even like grape soda, or do i?

'What will your obituary say?' at

Erika --


Similar to butter in texture and appearance
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
Among all the ingredients why butter?

Take this quiz at

I could let Mr Tan see this
You are 66% normal

You are kinda normal. You have your quirks, but overall you are quite normal. You do get a kick out of doing random things once in a while though.

Take this quiz at


Name tag for Erika from

Take this quiz at
-Stares at hungry classmates-

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The one thing i hate about the underage parties are the ticket sales. Here are my reasons,
1) my 'boss' will hunt me down if i don't get the expected number.
2) people recancelling tickets.
3) the begging of lowering the price like some wet market bargain.
4) complaints.
5) the buyers that turn into runners.
6) the confusion about which runner to run for.

So vivo city i thought was gonna be fun to go to today, how wrong was i when half of the shops were not yet officially opened. But it has a good crowd. And i simply adore the toy s rus there.
Nisha, Maimunah, Laveena and me. We bumped into joyce, fifi, louisa, ji-min at P.S.

The day could've been a ball of a time, but it got thrashed that night. I wish i can burn this house down, but i know i'll be burning my house as well, like DUH.
Like i said i hate you more then i hate you before. To put it kindly i hope you choke. You came to me screaming that i was grounded. FOR WHAT? I didn't do anything wrong. I haven't for the past few months. When you scolded naomi, you punished me as well for God knows the reason what and why? This family seems to be fine without you seriously, runing every mark of happiness. You simply don't care. You won't remember anything 20 years from now. So go choke mum. GOOO

Sunday, October 08, 2006

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Read if you CARE, read if you BOTHER

Like the title of my post, read if you CARE read if you BOTHER. What i'm about to write consist of the titles about friendship and worldly matters. So read on if you have the heart to read.

About last friday i caught the movie World Trade Centre with my folks and my aunt, a tearjerker and a medicine of laughter. I can't believe that people out there in the world are cruel enough to do such things. Then again, i may be someone who screams SCREW THE WORLD. But that doesn't mean i don't entirely care at all. I believe we all have the freedom of speech, but obliviously there will be an idiot in every crowd who will abuse it. With all do respect, i do have people i love in every country from the sun that rises in China that sets in the U.S. So why can't we all kiss and make up you say? I guess people have never stopped to realise and think what they are actually doing. No brainer work Ms Kee would've said, as some of you girls who are thought by her. We have a brain, but we don't know how to use it. Another sad thing.

The world is coming to an end, some of you may go to heaven some of you even in hell. Where do you want to be is your decision. I have nothing against any race, religion. I never had.
The haze that is happily polluting South-east asia is another, anyone of you would blame it on the neighbouring country of Indonesia, for me i'm too bothered with my health then to join the rest of the world in the fair share of the 'blame game'. Yes they don't have a right to burn forest after forest because of the negative effects but to them it is a positive thing cause their family's food are dependent on it. But hey ho global warming would occur, they may wake up to see what's actually happening. Maybe they'll blame it on their God's or something, but it's actually their blame their blaming on. How contradictory.

Again i'm agitated with the way we singaporeans behave and think, Wait im not really that of a singaporean. AHHH HECK. We bitch and complain never stepping up with possible solutions. Conservative it is conservative they will stay, chiding themselves from the world. That i hate.
We are copy-cats, copying so much of the other countries and never actually creating creativity. SO much for all the promoting of creativity campaign. It's disghusting. No originality. And it's embarassing.

Screw techonlogy. I swear to that.

Enough with this shindiggy and on with friendship. My biggest surprise is having my best-friend from the U.S back in Singapore. Nadhia. She is hispanic and gorgeous. Totoally thrilled to have her back ! [: What more she is here to stay! SO YEA! She's attached to her boyfriend of 1 year and 9 months. They look really sweet together. But the sad thing is they have a long distance relationship now and i feel for her abit, partially because i've never had a long-distance relationship. She's going for flow at dxo. Can't wait to glam, flaunt, burn and dance! [:

Yesterday i decided to take a trip down to Lido to meet bay, joy, sarah, jia-man. After which i visited John. Helped abit, i was nice. Went over to far-east to see ali, ramly and santos. Grabbed a copy of JUICE cause i was reallly bored at Gallery.Didn't know cassie, siti and aundreana were infront of me when i screamed HELLO THERE! HAHA. Santos is sucha flirt i swear. Terence and Khai came. Hung around for awhile and end. The pictures are above the post, courtesy from Joy's blog she did the collage btw. [:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

im not waitng for you

In the midst of N's. and here are my comments.

English: Fine. Above average.
Maths paper 1: GREAAAAT! COULD'VE NEVER BEEN BETTER. (sacarsm detected here!)
Geography: Made a slight blunder in one question, but again i bull all the way
Chemistry: Kill me with acids bases and salt.
Biology: Kindly disect me and place my heart somwhere else.
F and N: As usual bull shitted all the way through. If i can pass by bullshitting. It shows that im a bull shitter. What sound it makes.

Last and final paper is on friday maths paper 2. I can't belive my ears that farewell assembly is ,yes, compulsory. It's like asking you to attend your funeral when you're not even dead yet. What rubbish.

I'm such an idiot i swear, now it's my turn now to go around breaking hearts and making people cry. I'm not gonna say who. It's not karma, please don't think that way. I'm not getting back at anyone. Love to me now is a disillusioned dream that only happens in story. Till i meet that guy. I don't know when. For now i'm with myself.

'm sorry to say this but i can't stand this any longer. It's fucking irking me the guts out.
1. Im irritated the guts out of some friends in the group. 1 particular girl. Like shut up already, i don;t need your patehetic comments.
2. I hate that guy who broke my heart into a million pieces during the september holidays. I hate you more than i could have ever hated the others. The world's most patethic excuse and sickening way to break up with a girl can be found from you. You make me sick i swear. Yet im curious and pining to know, how you actually could walk away and forget everything between our rise and fall. Maybe that's your way of dealing with the pain (though i stop and ask what PAIN did you actually feel huh?) i guess. But you're killing me now. Even though we don't speak. You said you wanted us to be friends, well here's rule number 1:

but you have to start it off with sucha an awful note. What a lovely tune it plays how melodious it is to suck the life force out of me. We need to sit down and talk Shaun. This is gonna haunt me for the rest of my year and i want it to end tonight. To hell with the o's just for one day. But i know you're gonna make me change my mind on pushing the date to AFTER your o's. That i will do. But don't break your promise because you won't like what i'd do to your next happiness.

i'm sucha cynic but who cares. Afterall i don't get mad i get even now! And im only having fun.