Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it didn't rain on my parade, it rained after I packed up and left.

I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged for the longest of time. DUH. Anyway, ICTM is done but FYP is NOT. My birthday just passed. Oh speaking of my birthday, I really had a sweet one this year. I was given the biggest surprise in class, and no not in the good "happy birthday" surprise but in the "shit bad news" surprise.

I got an email that was with regards to an ICTM delegate complaint of the bus situation, and being the kan-chiong spider, i was pretty much "wtf, like that still want to complain" so the meeting was held at the conference room and guess what.

SURPRISE, ERIKA GOT PUNKED ON HER BIRTHDAY. The email created was entirely fake, Noor, with his beautiful and creative mind crafted it and i was 100% sold by it! They surprise me with 2 plates of maple syrup waffles with an ice-cream serving each, god knows how long they waited for me! But i was deeply touched and moved by this surprise to mark off especially the last one celebrated IN school. (:

Hugs, kisses, love, kudos to all who made it super memorable, my family, stef, my school-mates, my friends, my not so close friends. [:

On another note, school has been swell, drama still happens, my school life is becoming more interesting than my life outside of school. I don't know if that's good or bad. But sometimes I still ask myself the same question I asked in secondary school, but why can't we get along and why can't we all be friends? ):

Alright I'm pretty much done with my talking. I'll blog, as soon as I finish with PD which is like forever.