Tuesday, May 31, 2005

my place (:

yes another boring day at home.
im partially sick. ):
geee tomorrow there is oral and dance and a concert.
anyway,sean was sucha sweetie and came to my place all the way from kembagan to bishan. (:
thanks sweetheart.
i heart you. (:
watched texas chainsaw massacre.
and then just rot around as usual.
then we played cards. (:
and of course we did what couples do.
we did couples things. mmhmm (:
shant elaborate on that.

Monday, May 30, 2005


alright. woke up at 8.
yes you must be wondering why? its already the holidays.
but basket i had to return to school for cca. ):
grrrrrrrrrr. and some boring lessons for the next 2 weeks.
oh wells.
hopefully, i can still get money. i need to shop.
its calling me (:
oh wells. oh yea, of course.
i think i'm gonna get tonsalities soon.
met sean at novena,we bought lunch and ate it at my place together with homecooked fries.
less oiler. trust me (:
and then we had to take this yucky medicine cause he refused to go to the docter's. grrr
nast boy. (:
merher.and then we just doodled our time away watching t.v-cheater's on chl 5.
and yes,please guys uphold meritocracy and integrity.
you wont want to know all the shit you have to go through.
and then we switched here and there.
then we went to my room.
*mind you,we did not do anything!*
just reading pages from my past,which is my diary.
and then we went to use the comp. wondering who was who.
and glorious shit.
you wont belive who i saw.
mr darren chiam is permanently teaching at acs(b),
gee,wish him the best i guess. (:
oh wells and then off he went home. (:
had such a beautiful day today.
evern the sun is shining down upon me. (:
*looks up*

Sunday, May 29, 2005

sean's place

alright. (:
yesterday i didnt go for service. (:
yes i know im bad.
instead i went to sean's place.
it's so warm and cosy and big. (:
just like the owner himself. (:
loved his 2 dogs, rocky and rhombo.
his family.
yeap. had dinner with them. (:
such a lovely and warm family. (:
but i was really happy to be with sean.
and omg there were so many stars at night.
dang wish i could stay over and just be with my boo. ):

*for all the times you stood by me
for all the truth you made me see
for all the joy you brought to my life
for all the wrong that you made right
for every dream you made come true
for all the love i found in you
i'll be forever thankful baby
you're the one who held me up
never let me fall
you're the one who saw me through it all

you were my strength when i was weak
you were my voice when i couldnt speak
you were my eyes when i couldnt see
you saw the best there was in me
lifted me up when i couldnt reach
you gave me faith cause you belives
im everything i am
because you loved me *

oh baby what we are is a P-E-R-f-E-C-T match. (:

Friday, May 27, 2005

i've been through worst.

oh glorius shit. (:
i failed all my subjects and passed only my combined science.
i actually passed my maths ogay. ):
i just had my report book.
and it's like shit. ):
guess i have to start mugging,again.during the holiday's
juggling my part time job, studying,going back to school for lessons and cca. ):
oh wells, eck about the horrid day.
skip on to the afternoon.
went to sean's school!
i almost died.
everyone was staring at me.
then i went INSIDE his school.
and like vao liao,every eye was on me as though they had never seen a dudette before. ):
oh wells,watched him eat his lunch at the cafe.
his school is scary, one experience is enough.
its like a battlefield in there. ):
oh baby, i wonder how you ever survive.
dontcha worry my unconditional love will keep you tight and unharmed
he skipped his dentist appoinment to remove his braces. (:
and then went to marina centre to watch madasgacar. BUT
something happened.
and so we went to p.s instead
yeap.then we bought the tickets
then rushed to bugis just to take neo with sara and nisha.
we were late for the movie. ):
but eck it.
i had a wonderful time stepping on people's toes.
then we rot our time aimlessly around p.s
and then went home.
he feel sick half way.
so i brought him home to my place and let him rest.
(: take care alright baby.
nuff said

Thursday, May 26, 2005

parallel and sponge.

woke up in the morning,late,again.
sean called. thanks sweetie
missing you so much.
just can't wait for tomorrow.
hearts you (:
dragged my feet to school.
and then my day begained.
receiving my report book tomorrow,
and thanks to sher
he is gonna be my 'dad' for a day. (:
yes i owe you a meal for that.
and then i messaged jin wei.
cause i had better nothing to do and so was rachel.
met him at at taka.
a very fickle minded person.
couldn't decide where to meet, what type of chocolate's should he buy for his crush.
grrrrrrr ):
wasted my time.
he's alright overall.
just mean as always. ):
very mean.
and then i went to far east to see sher mark ali.
yes,business seems to be slow as usual.
OPEN FROM 12-9.30
oh yea! i saw the band ROOSTER at far east too!
they smiled at me! and said hi!
-double yayness-
they're not bad.
cool music.
and then i wet home slogged my time staring at 2 acjc girls yattering about the play they had yesternight. camelot.
OH heck it.merher.mmmhmm.
had subway for lunch.
yean and i wonder who has lunch at 6.
it was nice and really good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the boy is mine

i hate my blogskin,cause it interfers with my tagboard. ): dang.
anyway, im proud and elated to say that i flunk my combined humanities. no one passed anyway. (:
oh eck,i flunk most of my subjects anyway, but i improved from my ca1. bu still failed. (:
a very well done job erika. give yourself a clap at the back.(:
oh yea, i finally met sean today and yesterday.
its like, i finally met him after like how many days. (:
but grrrrrrrr, everyone in school was talking about him today. ):
merher.nah. im not trying to be mean but yea THAT BOY IS MINE.
i think im high after sucking that lemon.
oh wells (:

just changed my skin.again. and i'll prolly just change it again,in the near future.
oh wells. (:
it seems everyone is gonna get screwed by their parents cause of the bloody mid years.

Monday, May 23, 2005

im miserable.

God must hate me .He cursed me for eternity.
God must hate me.Maybe you should pray for me.
I'm breaking down and you can't save me.I'm stuck in hell And I wanna go home.

like vao liao. sean's prolly having a good time yet feeling weird,having high tea with his sister and her boyfriend,yet looking beside him to find that i'm not there. i want to be there too.
seriously.oh wells. havent seen him for almost 5 days. i know it's only 5. but it feels like 5 weeks. every day without him feels liks weeks. every week feels like months.every month feels like years.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


coolio. my blog hates me cause it refuse to let me open my links and tagboard.
grrrrrrr. ):
it seems everyone in the family's mission is to bring me down.
i got SLAPPED by my dad this morning. ):
and then later the day he was so nice to me.
forget it. it will take a year to forgive him. ):
so now im phoneless and broke. ):
i hate it when this happens to me.
i so badly wanna go get that halter at ripcurl and topshop.
that bikini at billabong. ):
merher. oh wells.
guess i'll have to work. bleah.
went swimming,cause i wanna get a la-tan mode.
alright,i admit im getting bored.
misery is what i feel,when you're not around

Saturday, May 21, 2005

i can finally see

today is just a day. just an ordinary day. where i try to get by. (:
i dont know what are my plans for later. i dont think i have any.
oh wells.
being with sean,has totoally opened up my eyes to everything.
i know that he loves me cause he told me so.
i know that he loves me cause his feelings show
when he stares at me you know he cares for me
you see how he is so deep in love
i know that he loves me cause its obvious
i know that he loves me cause its me he trusts
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell his soul.
uh huh. i love that boy.
and that boy is mine.

i dont trust

i dont trust anyone anymore.
just when the world walked out on me. you walked with them too.
you said you would be there for me and support me,
no matter where i am, where ever i go.
guess what.
you LIED.
well speak for yourself.
you LIED to me too.
i'm so sick and tired of being perfect for you all the time.
and i just realised it, it was never worth it.
was brining me down your mission everytime?
i ABHORE you!
thank you for showing me that some people cannot be trusted.
and thank you so much for lying to me.
the friendship, the goodtimes we've had.
you can have it back.
i cant belive it.
we've become insecure about each other.
but nevertheless.
i still love you and forever and always, mum.
i fought with my mum. ): i feel terrible.
but still.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

thanks nisha

yes thanks nisha for ressetting my whole blog unfortunately you forgot about my poor tagboard.
anyway, im back to start.
dont miss me