Sunday, April 30, 2006

first date is the deepest

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i vow never to eat flower crabs ever again. Had a nasty tummy ache yesternight. -groans-
So my english paper and s.s paper are done and over with,and i don't know wether to be proud to say i bullshited like anything for structured essay and source based. oh and i didn't had enough time to finish either,but then again i hope i can get at least a pass and above.
And so my mum decided to sign me up for this Speedplus programme,like that will help me, with st francis methodist school and rjc. They're like gonna coach us on our subjects,and it was shocking to see 5 only from other schools. and OH! i found 2 distant relatives of mine, vanessa and sharon! -BEAMS-
I don't wanna say much about yesterday,as i had alot of LA-LA with my mum. She was being a totoal hypocrite yesterday,and she was practically contridicting herself. So i couldn't have dinner and movie with Matty last night,and i felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrid and gloomy. Miss Yuen,nisha and mai cheered me up though. Mai and Nisha pigged out at bugis junction with me. yums yums. ate chicken Fantastic meal and Beard Papa's cream puff 2 of it. I don't see a point why people like that fan-tastic meal,it's a totoal RIPOFF from MOS burger,i regretted not buying it from there, Mac'd is like trying to go Jap with that and that just simply sucks and irritating. Mac'd should stay as MAC'd. I still love their food,but don't change lar! sheeeesh.
BUT then again back to the victim,matty. I felt like a bitch yesterday having to cancel our very FIRST date whatsoever more. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO START A RELATIONSHIP BY HAVING TO CANCEL YOUR FIRST DATE!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps. i'll kill my mum.

And thus i compiled a list of what to do and how to react and what to say when this ever happens again,hopefully NOT!

1. Mark it down on the Calender in advance,and tell everyone in your family NOT TO CHIOP YOU ON THAT DAY!
2. Even if the same scenario happens like the above, argue. Afterall,didn't you made this plan eons ago. BUT if it's something really important like someone in your family got admitted to the hospital or whatsoever,please don't be dumb and carry on with your date,GO!But even if you don't wanna pang seh him/her there, bring him along. Look at this way,at least your family can get to know him.
3. Even if your folks wants you to stick with them for dinner and blah blah blah,ask him to tag along,but prior to their consent first,you do wanna earn their trust and their hearts do you?
4. Please.please.please.please. DON'T EVER LIE to your date and folks. It's so childish to do so,just tell 'em why you can't make it due to either strong objections or what and that you'll make it up to him/her that the next date is totoally on you!

that's all i want to say now. AND OH! a gentle reminder, i might be using back my old number the 8********* cause my phone bill is gonna erupt i wanna balance it both. BUT feel free to sms in the other number the 975*****, and i'll reply you using the other number. geddit?

yeaps.matty coming to my place this wednesday. i love matty! (: chao!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Don't know what you do to me but
Everytime I'm with you it's a natural high
It's like re-discovering Edenwith chocolate -coated rainbows and cotton candy skies
And everytime you look my way I wish I had the guts to say

There's something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Something in the way you move me
You make me want to sing
Make me want to dance
Make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you.

I think I'll hire Cupid
He'll make you see I'm more than your friend
You'll be tossing and turning
Counting the hours till you see me again
And when we meet you'll
Kiss my hand and say the words I've longed to hear

There's something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Something in the way you move me
You make me want to sing
Make me want to dance
Make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you
You make me want to sing,make me want to dance,make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you.

erika is finally happy. She's smiling once again. She has fallen in love with her friend of 4 years. She's in love. so THOU SHALL NOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM HER. She loves him.


Monday, April 24, 2006

vicotria long shall you stay

Imma so sorry for not updating,i've been to busy running around with studying and personal matters. (:
Friday was a rush. had dinner with naomi and her classmate and my folks and then i studied at liang court's starbucks while they did grocery shopping. HUR. msged matty throughout. erm yea. HUR
SATURDAY sucked it ruined my whole morning and mood. Ms Kee didn't show up for lessons,was pretty pissed cause she thought it was only a suggestion that was NOT suppose to occur. H-A-T-E-R. Had breakfast with Maimunah and Nisha at macdonald's and then we went to bugis to take pictures and shop. Went home around 2+ and then studied at the poolside till 7pm. HURHURHURHURHURHUR. had dinner with auntie Glroia,Constance,Nathan,Angelica,Daniel,and my family at thomson plaza. Begged them to eat at jai thai. and i saw PHANIDA! PHIMOL! AND STEWART! sat with them and ate my pineapple rice set. -yumsyums- the aroma of green curry still loiters my nose. Rented 3 movies, Just like heaven, Memoirs of a geisha and Noel. loved it. then i messaged matty again. uhhuh.
SUNDAY i wore formal to church? it made heads turn which was very very very UNECCASARY ATTENTION. Right, everyone asked why so dressed up for church afterall it is just church. But yea, there was this concert at Victoria concert hall by mayflower sec school which leads me in general about today's blogging. What can i comment?

1. People screamed and shout like no one's bees wax as though it's like their Grandmere's place.
2. I swear people did NOT HAD to make unecessary comments OUT LOUD.
3. AND switch of your damn phone to silent please?!? it's pretty rude you know.
4. Please know how to BEHAVE when you're at one of Singapore's RESPECTED THEATRE'S and infront of GUEST TOO! i was pretty appauled.
5. DRESS UP FOR THE PROPER OCCASAION TOO! i mean it's like so rude to just show up in jeans,t shirts,flip flops,night gowns look alike,sport shoes. I MEAN HELLO! it's at VICTORIA CONCERT HALL FOR PETE'S SAKE PEOPLE! AND ANY CONCERTS HELD THERE, the dress code is OBVIOUSLY FORMAL FOR YOU ALL FAGS WHO DON'T KNOW. SHEEEESH.
i mean it's so infuriating to see this kinda behaviour and dress code at a well respected place with the many big-name performances held.

THUS this leads me to my topic fashion and ettiqute when in going to a concert esp VICTORIA;esplanade or wheresoever.(YOU SHOULD KNOW!)

1. For girls,obviously,where dress or skirts with a formal top. (NO offence but i'd swear you'd be 'condem' if you wore jeans or basically casual wear)
2. GUYS should obviously know what to wear. I guess jeans for them it's exceptional,c'mon people they aren't just human beings,but human being who have a sausage!HUR (I'm sorry but i don't dress guys up)
3. NO FLIP FLOPS! heels,stiletos,wedges. NO FLAT SANDALS!
4. You are dressing up for a formal occasion DUH!
5. Make up is a necessity so is accersorizing.
6. Don't carry sucha big bag,you're not overnighting there right? carry a clutch or a really small purse.(eh,it's hassle free)
7. You know i've never tried this before,but hey,why not bring masking tape next time if the person next to you refuse to SHUT THE HELL UP!
8. When people ask you to lower your volume,do it cause they mean it!
9. DO NOT sit like trishawk people.
10. Do not yell,the performers can hear you but the rest of the audience cannot hear them.
11. BE sensible and Fashion smart and ohhhhhhhh BEHAVE! (:

well well i had to run 2.4 km today for some reasons.curses. whatever anyway,coincidentally i bumped after person after person at j8 today,i bumped into Zachery and Phimol, Jeric and then Danton and OH! i made a new friend a guy called Landis from Ajc. RIGHTOUSS MAN! HURHUR that's all i have for today now. Toodles. (:

Thursday, April 20, 2006


THANK GOD! napfa is hell over. my body is aching like shit. and oh talking about late night sleeps, my tonsils have swollen,im getting a cold,and i can't smell a single shit, and my ears hurt.
oh,i visited a friend at NUH on tuesday,i wanted to stay longer to say hi too someone,but a part of me said it was time to go,maybe it wasn't worth it afterall. I wish this memories played left a burning door for me. -rolls tongue- whatever.
I'm pretty tired and worn out from napfa,heck and studying is becoming a chore to me.

ho hums. SATURDAY i've got to come back to school 8.30- 2,i can just die! fNn camp! somebody please shoot me!

SUNDAY i've got work in the morning,then rush to expo for service then go to victoria concert hall for some performance with fariza. it's amazing race on that day for me. sigh.

i need somebody.i just don't know who. it can be anyone. i don't care. it doesn't really matter anymore now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

i like this blogskin.

new skin. i've decided to take my own hands in making MY OWN blogskin. BUT thanks to the resources of a girl and a website. (: yeaps. pretty girls make graves. (:

I will never forget my 2.4 km run for napfa test this year. I can never forget what happend to a dear sweet friend of mine. She does not deserve to undego through this. BUT i'm just a human,a sinner,a daughter,a sister in this patethic world like the rest,i can't stop. I can only push. Incase you readers think im going phsyco,well im not. Just forget everything and everyone,it's that simple,to SAY.(:

Alrighty HO,im sooooooo dead with mrs kee tomorrow,i haven't typed out my decision making,i think i'll like just go show her the recipe. Am suppose to be digging out my chem notes for tomorrow's quiz,but it seems i've wasted the time on doing a blogksin that was very IRRELAVENT. gosh i ought to be proud of myself.

shit.has anyone seen my nametag?

Friday, April 14, 2006

good friday

alright. GOOD FRIDAY. how exciting can it get. (: VERY EXCITING. Be glad y'all Christians and Strangers. There's no greater love than this,for a friend to give up His life for us. We,all,the world,are sinners. We don't deserve such grace and mercy. But our heavenly father said ' I am the way,the truth and the life,no one can enter my Father but through me'. Whatsoevermore, Jesus loves us soo deeply and way too deeply,I've got so much of it,that even i can't contain it. And i have to give it to those around me. (; sucha BEAUTIFUL LOVE.

went to Samantha's friends' house for outreach,then met Tatsuki and 2 of his friends,damn cute lar they all. Ate dinner at Yoshinoya. Then chilled for a while.
after that i met my son,glenn and OH MY GRACIOUS ME, i bumped into Justin,Ridzal, agilan, jonathan,alex an his gf, stewart and some more other people i don't have a clue about their names. Saw musa and aisha at subway at cini,wanted to buy cookies,but i didn't want to wait for 30 mins. So i bought icecream instead. Didn't spend much,bought 3 earrings. mmmmhmmmm.

Saw this really cute guy at Far east,he works there,it's next to the 2nd level toilet,(like WOAH! WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE TO HAVE A SHOP! AND HOW CONVENIENT TOO!)
nothing much happend. I was pretty satisfied to have caught up with alote of people and a tad bit of their lives. Oh and i've decided to compile a list what to do when you're in orchard ALONE.

1. Call up your friends,you dont wanna be a loner do you? (obviousness)
2. Do a lil window shopping. (girls relate shopping as something theraputic,especially those with the cosy ambience and atmosphere,it's like you're doing hathayoga)
3. Try walking to P.S all the way to Forum. GOOD EXCERSISE and let your eyes do the excersie too. -hinthint-
4. Indulge yourself in Ice cream or a cool drink. (You do want to feel relaxed dont you?)
5. I do take notice that people like to STARE! Ignore. and sing this song which i compiled from Britney;
'' I see you looking at me,
Like I'm some kind of freak,
You want my body isit?
Why don't you do something?''
i understand how that feels,when people stare at you head to toe, as though they have never seen a human being in their entire life,when the obvious fact that they're surrounded by many. Losers.

alright fuck,im suppose to study and do my decision making for fnn but it feels like i don't give a damn about it at all,go figure erika! (: hahas.toodles

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

im killing myself by making me sleep past 12 and i ended up getting eyebags. delightful. (:
im suppose to be finishing my s.s homework and others,but i decided to come into conclusion,i DON'T WANNA GIVE A DAMN! Stress has been eating up alot of people lately, who can't blame them. F and N is killing me softly, i've got practical exam next week and I'm not even close to my decision making. (GOSH ERIKA! JOB WELL DONE!)
Anyhooo,girls,do you hate it when your period comes and you have to undergo PMS. and that simply sucks doesn't it? Well i've been going through PMS for the past few days,and it sucks i tell you. I hate it. >:( it even caused me to end up with LA-LA's with my friend.

1. I think you should tell the people around you that you're having your period,so that they know,oh she's just pmsing. saves up alot in the quarrling.(:

school has been sucha drag.mid years are coming,i've got work piled up to my head and i've got little time to study. IT'S FUCKING IRRITATING. I think the school should like;

1. CANCEL MASS STRETCH! totoal waste of our time,energy. i see no point after 4 years in school.
2. CANCEL peer tutoring, it DOES NOT HELP!
3. The school should have less programmes, it's eating up our edusave money men. >:(
4. SUSPENSION of cca should be done earlier,it's reaking hell early to our exams.

5. STOP giving leadership talks,GOSH,i wasted my education money on something i didn't even learn and see no point in doing so. I lead my own life and I NEVER LOOSE i just DON'T WANT TO WIN.

BLOODY HELL.................

Sunday, April 09, 2006

'Cause I don't know where your journey goes
or how long it will take to unfold
But as long as we keep this moment shining in the dark
I will be watching over every beat of your heart. (:

stood up.

The talk was patethic. we only had to stay for 25 mintues. 25 FREAKING MINUTES. it's just damn what the hell. Oh and i was suppose to meet nisha. But eeeeps. :/ IMMA SOO SOOO SOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOO SORRY. lunch is on me alright? (: Had to go SPCA for some interview inorder to adopt a dog my sissy wanted. But it turns out SNUFFY was a popular and we were put on pending, y'all should've seen my sissy's face. AHAHAHA. then i had lunch and rushed home to bath and change and then go orhcard to meet ji min and cassie. AND HOLY SMOKES.when i reached i saw ji min with a guy and i was like ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is she suppose to meet us? BUT eck it. couldn't be bothered with the privacy so i wait for Cassie instead, that girl must have taken a donkey to come, waited damn long please. Couldn't stand the smoke and the gas produced by the buss' exhuast pipes, so i told Cassie to find me at Parallel. Stayed a while and talked to Sher and Ali. DAMN LAME PEOPLE. When cassie came i met her father and then she told me something; "THEY WEREN'T COMING" i was like WHAT THE FUCK.AND ALL THE VULGARITIES CAME OUT LIKE PEEEE. So basically it was just me and cassie and off we went on our lil 'date' watched ultra-violet and ohhh halfway we met Tatsuki. ((: he's sucha a polite and shy and sweet and nice guy. Sucha swell dude. Talked,eat,laugh. Had alot of fun lur. (: MMMMHMMMM. (: Then we chilled outside cheers,talked shit. and then back to pacific to meet mark and john. and then to far east to meet Putri,a lil later we went home. mmmmhmmm that's about it. the dickhead couldn't even make it for dinner he made some bloody excuses and bam. what a fucker. anyway i've decicided to leave some handy pointers when stood up.

1. Scream and shout on the phone.
2. Go to where he is and scream and holler at him, this would be really relaxing after that since you've let out all your anger and whatsoevermore you've publiclly humiliated him.
3.if he ever decided to meet 6 hours later from the starting time of the date, ignore him and pretend you've never met.
4.make a scene.
5. Come up with something with the aid of your friends it's optional and 'BANG' him back.
6. worst come to worst,if you're emotional,CRY.
7. But if it were me, I wouldn't give a damn, DON'T EVEN BOTHER DATING SOMEONE whose so damn blardy ambitious and obnoxious. And a piece of egoistic maniac and so full of himself and simpy changes his dreams like bedsheets. trust me. (:

Friday, April 07, 2006

oh gosh

back after a hectic week of school. I'm so shagged,sleeping 12 past is soo bad! ahhhhhhhhh eye-basg SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anyway, I've nothing much to say about my week,i've been a GOOD GIRL for a 2 weeks now. (: IMMA SO PROUD OF MYSELF! hahas.anyway yes you all know that the mid years are coming really soon, and -duh- i will not be blogging so often, and please lar people leave your footprint at my shout-box! >:(
ANYHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'll be wasting an hour of my life at school tomorrow. i'll be like free from 12 onwards. I think. I see no point. It's aimless.

Monday, April 03, 2006


2.4 km runs. i can just die. but i perspire buckets. woooooooooboy.
oh and i found out alot of things about myself today,
1. I get so stressed up and worked up during social studies period,maybe cause of mr lee,i've got no clue. I mean it's like i go berserk or something,but im not insane. (:

2. Caffeine has NO special effect on me, infact it makes me even more sleepier.

3. I'm slowly recovering from my state that i was. (:

4. the reason why people were perspiring hell loads was because of ME! HAHAS. ((:

anyway i was seriouly kidding about the last bit there.
alright today on my way home i happend to passed by my houses' bustop,and i saw 2 sajc students frenching. yea and all the people go, 'GROSSS! EEEEW DISGHUSTING'! You ONCE DID THOSE TOO,so speak for yourself. please leave aside privacy to these people alright,though i'd rather go up and smile and say 'GO GET A ROOM',but nah. But really people,what's the big idea of showing love,affection and care.
WE live in the 21st century for heaven's sake, and Romeo and Juliet even showed their true love and affection,which i happend to see it as too dramatic, but nevertheless a real stab in the heart,cause to for someone to die for you is indeed one of the most precious gift anyone can have,a love more sweetest than the words spoken and life itself, you people should knoh whose Love imma talking about it. (: anyway not to's my views as usual.

1. there's nothing wrong in kissing in public, it just happens that people have never seen 2 people exchange saliva and are jealous they don't have the chance to do so.

2. People who go around complaining about the above are insensitive, childish, immature and brainless morons. Hey and even adults are complainging,so whose laughing? It's pretty stupid to complain cause it's Love,you're suppose to SHOW IT,GIVE IT AND RECEIVE IT, (man what the heck do people learn now a these days). There is NOTHING WRONG ABOUT giving love and affection publicly.

3. But if the hands get a tad bit 'itchy' do that privately, you couples have a social life and image,so don't tarnish it. You don't want your parents screaming in your face saying ' DID YOU KNOW WHAT AUNITE _______ TOLD ME!?!' gosh that's not music to the ears, it's already a sappy soap opera.

4. You've all got one life,LIVE IT,like what i always said, so why not? (:

im off now,off to do my F n N coursework,or else mrs kee will bury me alive. tsk.tsk.and btw people i need help in organising my party. If you contribute, you're gonna be invited.HAHAS. (:cheerios people,have a nice day.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

chij fun fair

I went to my sister's fun-fair, CHIJ kellock represents ' HERITAGE TREASURES', not bad for a bunch of primary school kids though i was bored because

1. I knew NO-one besides my sister's classmates and minus out this girl whom i smiled from school and of course PRISCA! (:

2. There weren't many things to do, and the games were like erm yea for juniors. Though E-ZONE came down with their machines, like P-L-U-Z,it was a pathetic small air hockey table,stupid dance machine revolution and that para para thing and NO DAYTONA! GAWD

3. I therefore stuffED myself with chocolate fondues, cookies and cream ice cream courtesy from Island Creamery,and Thai-Indonesian food. oh and essential water. (:

4. It was so H-O-T. (maybe because i was there,BWAHAHAHAHA)

5. Maybe the only good thing that got me thumping was the deejay, though i think i could have done thoroughly better with it, his hosting wasn't really that good.

6. CERTAIN chij-ians are pretty childish. tsktsk. another case of deprived childhood i assume.

i was pretty reluctant to get outta that school anyway. Went to J.A.S had a sanwhich and ice tea and wound up reading Her World and Female magazines with mum and dad. Then Holland village we went, went to the 'Beads @ work' and the ' ART exhibiton' ooooooh i must say i want that abstract art of Boat Quay in my room and that art piece 'Untitled'. (:
went home after that, i pretty much had a boring day, but i came across alot of interesting characters. At bus-stops i noticed i counted at leas A couple in each bustop which thus leads me to my topic on DATING, and here part of my 'TOTOALLY DIMWIT'S GUIDE TO : DATING'

1. TRY or PLEASE or MUST be punctual for any-date,especially the first, you don't wanna kick it off with a bad impression do you?

2. Be your GAWD DAMN SELF. don't be anyone else. it sucks.

3. Do not wear anything embarassing of mismatched colours. For me i'll wear a top,jeans or skirt,shoes that goes well with my dressing,a pair of studs, necklace,and perfume ANNA SUI that is! ((: PLEASE DO NOT OVERDO YOUR MAKE UP,make it AU NATURAL or to save time,just put some eye shadow,eye liner,and mascara and gloss. (that's what i WOULD do to bring out to play around with it)

4. PLEASE don't be aimless.
girl: where do you wanna go?
guy: i don't know, up to you.
girl: what do you wanna do?

guy: i don't know, up to you.
girl: what do you wanna watch?
guy: i don't know.
gurl: what do you wanna eat?
guy: i don't know. anything
alright.IN this world, ANYTHING IS NOT SERVED. and if you/he/she repeats the same thing over again, i'd rather date a parrot instead. it's irritating.

5. Don't be sucha drama queen/king.

6. Don't BOAST and be an egoistic piece of shit,BE HUMBLE!

7. Since it's a date, do what you think and feel what dates are suppose to be doing.

and this is part of my dating tips. i'll spray more tomorrow or some other day. off with my work.toodles. (: