Tuesday, December 30, 2008

no coal but just a diamond

Ok. I hope everyone's christmas was swell. I think mine was ok. I got to spend it with someone i actually really really adore and care alot. (Alright, i'm sorry for the little mono-tone-vibe you might get from the sentences, i'm actually distracted looking at some things and rather feeling mellowy that new year is coming.)

So i hope you all got the presents you've been writing to santa ab out. As for I'm thrilled and contented at the gifts that i thought no one could ever get for me. I can't put the peek-tures up, because i dropped zee camera to the toilet-bowl, and i'm hiding it from my mom. heh but some pictures i found on ze internet that are like them (: i got a swanky looking Ralph-Lauren carrier pouch from the U.S, a sassy green Gucci wallet, a saucy pair of white-gold diamond studs from Aurora, a spicy looking pair Chanel Shades & Guerlain make-up just to name the ones that were on my 'to-get-list-in-2-years-time'. And times when i ask God 'why me?where did i go right?', now i know why He choose to give me people who love me.

(but in green)

Ahh shit, it's the 30th. new year's is coming. and i got to find some way to get the cammy working. dammnit just my luck!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

eve of christmas eve

It's the eve of christmas eve! And at this very minute there's a urge to run about in the snow, that is IF we ever have snow, making snow-angels, snowmans, snow-ball fights and gazing out during a snow starry sky. The new maid is coming tomorrow. And my mind is fretting about the house, i feel like a damn hen-pecked house wife.

Check out
this cute snow-men that made me smile.

Monday, December 22, 2008

who wants junj?

Who wants my junk? Really! Who wants my junk? HELLO!?! I ASKED WHO WANTS MAHH JUNK!??

I digged out my closet to look for a pair of leggings and i dug deep only to realise i have clothes worn once and shall never be worn again, never worn BEFORE, or lagi best, cannot wear because of zeee juicy mangoes!

Anyway i got back from Malacca safe,sound and in one piece but with a red eye on my right. I don't know why is it red? It's not sore-eyes. I put eye-mo but the pogress is still slow. And i'm still doing house-work. I bought some pretty neat junk which i'm damn happy with also. I finally own that roxy jeans that i wanted! SUKERR BABY! (:

P.s; yes to those sexayee bitches who thought that mangoes grew big, yea la, they did la! HAHAHAHA.

P.s.s; Does anybody have a spare iron i can borrow? PLEASE PLEASE???

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am dead tired seriously. I actually cleaned the whole house today all by myself, although the kitchen is half-way done, and i decided to call it a day. But the iron kinda blasted at me and it caused a short power failure for the entire house. EHEHE. Oooops! Although it's not the first time cleaning the entire house, i'm gonna ease the life for the next maid to come, which is so far the 7th one.

Going to the land of teh-tariks, oil-palm & yummy malay guys at 11a.m. (shhh don't tell anyone!)

Mommy & daddy said i can spend on whatever i want for being such an angel. And i wonder where did that come from. Nonetheless, i'm coming back a day earlier then i expected, good and bad news for me. The good is that i come home on the same day as Stef bad news is, i have more house chores to do. Gawdddddamnit!

Anyway, i better hunt start hunting down the star-hub care center to finally tell me how to activate the roaming service, cause the last time they gave me info turned out to be some bull. So i better see the reception on my phone. Or else i will cut things and make goreng pisang out of it! (inside joke)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is coming and i still haven't bought anything for anyone. Yes i'm guilty of that statement. I'm going on a road trip to malaysia on thursday, and although someone would tell me 'But there's things to shop over there what' but it may stilll not be the thing that i'm looking for. You see the thing about me and shopping sometimes is that, i can never get satisfied of what i'm looking for. It's never this or that, but it has to be ZE thing. ZEEEE thing that i'm egg-actly looking for.

Went prawning today with Fuji, Navin, Wei-loon, Keegan, Gina, Cassandra, Cy, Ben, Yee Ruen, Marvin, Dhel, Naomi & Stef (think that's all) I got bitten by a prawn for catching it via from it's behind. But i caught about 2-3 of those shrips. I'm satisfied. (:

Thursday, December 11, 2008



Tuesday, December 09, 2008

get set....glow

Am-Pm Party at Room 936 @ Fairmont on December 5.

Presenting the couples:

Other scandolous affairs:

The people whom i've known throught my years (:

The view from the hotel:

All picture credits goest to Joy Chang Yu Ling, Chloe Leow Pei Ling, Vanessa Soh Wei Ting, Sarah Chan Li Fang, Sandra Lim, Shermin, Zachary

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Go away, just you and yourself. Go away.

it's not that i'm only disappointed with you but i'm deeply upset and hurt with you. You don't have a clue about me or what's really happening and for that i feel like a lost child walking aimlessly around town. And i'm not even looking for an apology, because sorry can't fix this broken things about how i feel.

when it was me

I am utterly feel with angst and a collaboration of some deep emotions for myself which i can't put into words. I'm starting to think that i'm going crazy because it's like im creating a make up of something that never existed.

Sometimes when two persons are great as friends , you think to yourself if its really worth living up to it after awhile, or rather, was friendship suppose to involve jealousy? Because if it does, you can start the walk away.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i wanna feel a car cash

Me and my big fat mouth sometimes. And dare to say that God does not exist? He thought me a little lesson today. Anyway, i don't know how many of you have me on msn, but for those who do, i've had this msn nick for quite some time, namely

erika-and she said i wanna feel a car crash

yea well. Today i finally felt a car carsh along woodlands avenue 1 today. And 3 cars were involved in this accident. 3 i say! So now the engine is like pushed back, jamming the front passenger's side door. I swear i almost died! But thank God i came out alive! To get to school i had to climb out from the behind passenger's side door and thankfully not by the windows! With my flip flops, kampong pants and tight t-shirt, i flippity flap to school like a distress chicken. (:

But the car crash has made me realized so many things as well. And now as i sit on this chair chanting on my theories like Deepak Chopra. I smile humbly upon myself and up to the sky at God. (:

I wanna feel the car crash
I wanna feel the capsize
I wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop
Till I'm satisfied

I wanna feel the car crash
Cause I'm dying on the inside
I wanna let go and know that
I'll be alright, alright

Monday, December 01, 2008

chloe crashes rp

Ahhh Chloe Leow Pei Ling came down to school today. Everyone scream 'WELCOME BACK CHLOE!' (:

I tote-tally did the unexpected out of impromptu, i ponned half way from science. Yes I'm jaded with school that i self proclaimed a half day off. I did alot of talking and cam-ing away with chloe too. Sameul, Bay and Eka (i pronounce it as ikea hur) were there to make the day all worthwhile. Oh and and and and Sherman came also. -zips mouth- I'm glad Chloe is back. (: whoops.


Eka is inbetween chloe and bay! (:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Say 'ayy' if you think having ut's are a waste of time and not the standard exams instead? I don't see how studying 6p's and reattempting to do quiz question works, when the questions in the ut turn out to be a whole new other concept and all you can think about is 'WTF' and having a gleam of hope in those eyes, you think you're gonna get a B, when in the end it turns out you get a C or a D. Tsktsk.

Pretending all than I can be,
Hoping that I would be,
All we have is a hopeless love my baby.

So where was this hope we once had?
Because sooner or later it'll be too late to be saved by our charm.
And maybe one day we can never get this right.
For now, i think i was a fool to have hope in you

Monday, November 24, 2008

i need an idea to get presents at the present now!

The only thing i can think about right now, is NOT the christmas party that is coming up, or thanksgiving dinner, or leonard's son 1 month birthday celebration but


Thursday, November 20, 2008

disappointment zone

Be efficient, NOT slobs.
Take the initiative, NOT advantage.
And thats where i'll be caving in till someone steps up and START doing something not just say it.

Because i'm sick and tired of trying to please others

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's ring ting tingaling

I think by the end of the year i should be changing my email add and maybe a new blog or something. Or both. I am suppose to be reading up on 6p's for cognitive ut tomorrow, but after i read problem 9,8,7. I gave up already. See see so jaded with life in rp that i even gave up reading on a few meagre slides. -slaps forhead-

So anyway, as 12 is nearing in all our clocks, i can make a conclusion to end today with a goood note. That life is the most craziest shit sometimes. And so is love. (: You know I don't know how many of you people out there yell, quarrel, squabble, wrestle, kill, slap, kick, fart, punch, holler at/with your partner. But do you make up in the end with the kiss and make out to make up kinda process? Hello all, I'm erika and I'm attached to an amazing person by the name of Stefanus Tan Lian Hock. We've been together for almost 7 (next week friday) month. And we have always had our quarrels like little kids. But nonetheless, although we enjoy the sessions after the fights, most importantly we know that we still love each other very much and we will always will. I have learnt so much from him and i've learnt to see the world at a different view ever since. It's good to know that I still learn and also that when i fall i can never fail to be picked up once again with the help of a beloved. He's been there and he's also my utmost pride and joy and my importance.

I understand that most of you has seen a big transformation from that Erika that we all once knew, and isn't that a relief for most of my girls and for my boys that FINALLY the playa has settled down. And it's a jolly euphoric feeling. (: Throughout this 7 months (and more to come) that i have been with him, i've learnt one lesson that no man has ever thought me. Call me young, foolishg and hopelessly in love. But wait till you fall in love, that you'll realise that it is being imersed in such feelings(: That love was never just feelings shared by 2, but an ability, the want to better yourself and help your partner along the way to know that you can never find another because like the lock and key hypothesis, only the significant other can feel sentiments and pick up all the qualities about the other and slowly understand how you grow to fall in love with such an amazing person. But most importantly, is that love never fails, it always hopes and it always endures.

P.s: Lights are all up in town and tis the season to be jolly. HELL JOLLY YEA!(: What a christmas it'll be! (:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

tag a reply

Whoever said love was easy, please leave a tag.
Whoever said that love was NOT easy, also please leave a tag.

I'm glad that i'm 18 and considered only in love like a young fool or idiot, whichever the latter prefers, and not choosing my life partner yet. (or is he?) Well in any case, i know it's been said that the more you fight it is suppose to bring 2 people closer. I'm not gonna say 'screw that shit' but i agree myself. However is it sickening to always fight and fight about the smallest matter sometimes, or even blowing it to make it a big matter than fighting about it?

gawd im so dead.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One thing i can tell you about getting food poisoning it's a big NO-NO! And it's not the coolest shit fo real, apart for not going to school for 3 days now. Yea well wednesday and i'm still at home with a churning tummy and bad yucky shit. ): It sucks getting this food poisoning. Not the sex i say! And in any minute i will go running to the toilet again. There i go. Brb.

Ok i'll leave the details of that out. But im still trying to figure out what caused this.
a) the lunch i had at the food court on saturday?

b) the wedding dinner at changi village?
whatever the cause was i wish the churning would stop!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

i hate you mom

I fucking hate you and this puppet that i play for you in this thing called life.
I hate you for everything you have become forever that someone who is always twisting and contouring your wrods.
I hate you for every single thing i've become and i STILL pray everyday that when i grow up, i don't ever become like the woman in you.
I hate you, mom.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Pictures of hallow-scream!(: HAHAHAHA sorry for the late post!