Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things money can't buy

New shoes to replace heels: $9.90
Food: $16.60
Transport: $4.20
Gala premier: No ID+ Bad bad bad fags/faggots
Total: $30.60

Time spent with Stefanus and new found friends: Absolutely Priceless.

(Ok and no i'm not trying to promote any cards that are of masters, visa, amex or whatsoever)

but i had had had to post this down incase i'll ever forget and make up some feeble excuse that i'm tired. Yesterday was absolutely a day where i can say i spent time with my boyfriend. From bickering at Lerk Thai till the entrance of GV. It was all so surreal. You know sometimes i even ask myself how we even begained in the first place, but after last night i know why, more or less. (: He's that best damn thing that happened to me, that new refreshment, that sweetness of a chocolate bar. And this time round, i'm not afraid to say that i'm falling for him.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer holidays

It's the last week of school, things are looking up. Way up and up. Stef just passed me this baby photo of him, so i decided to go stick into my planner. Summer holidays. Class bbq. Summer holidays. Work. Summer Holidays. and not forgetting my birthday. and SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Monday, May 19, 2008

that big THUD

I am all that you can think of at once. Today was a "Daddy and Erika" and dad started telling me about my opinions if we were to migrate, again. And the very first person that came to my mind was you S. And i thought i had a happy day, although again, dad made me think so much that u am beginning to see the whole world at a different view now. So unlike of dad, but like dad like DAUGHTER. Yea. And bringing me to Botak Jones for dinner and sharing a glass of margarita felt so so so over the world. Till i received message that sent my heart straight to the ground like i how dropped a slosh of tomato sauce to the ground, that bad i tell you, that big 'THUD' on that ground will haunt me to my sleep, just for tonight.

S, i have nothing to say because if you're gonna break my heart well i already knew it right from the start. So i'm gonna give you this headstart, hurry leave,before you break my heart.

Monday, May 12, 2008

happy birthday

Happy birthday Nisha! (: Well to be exact your birthday was on Sunday! And Fariza, a long overdue post for you. Happy 18th birthday to both of you girls! You guys have brought nothing but smiles, laughter, briyani, tears, tandori chicken, worksheets, curd vadai and not forgetting love to me.

Nisha, you've been my first friend I made in secondary school and i could never ask for a better best friend than you ever since. This is offcially our 6th year of being best friends and i can't wait till it turns to a 16th, 26th and the other years to come! (: To you, to me, to us. Thanks for being my one and only bestfriend.[:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Save the trees. But don't throw my memories

Ugh. For the first time in a longest time, I did my first 'test' of the year. Sure does it bring back memories of having those test that i use to have back in school where tables would be seperated, and after staring blankly at the paper and trying to write down a feeble answer besides the question numbers, i would sit still awhile, and stare into space like i am catching spasm in the air. Oh how I would curse and swear at the teachers for wasting what seems to be like a hecatre of trees. Those poor poor trees. Not a single one managed to withstand our chemical ink on them. And i wonder if we were all trees, would we end up like the fate of the trees?