Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we are probably looking on the same side of the moon

"I'm looking out the window
Where we sat to watch the stars
There's a chill within the air
It makes my heart long for your touch
You may be miles away
But as I kneel to pray

I see the same side of the moon
That we'll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space can't come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you'll never see all the tears shine through
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon"

-"Same side of the moon" C.May

The silence IS really overbearing, I never could have imagined not talking to you, whenever we fought I would not even want to talk to you for one day, but in those minutes, I could not take the silence and i wanted to talk to you so badly but i did it just to make you miserable.However we just got cut down by something of the norm, in this case, army. And this is more horrid then i thought it would be.

You can never imagine how it hurts, how we use to meet each other at anytime of the day and so surely certain that when the phone rings, it's always either one of us waiting on the other line. But not anymore. And not for another a few years.

I remembered that day a few weeks back, you tried hard to smile and you told me that i should stay happy no matter what and that your book out day would be sooner than i thought. When you last kissed me good-bye and ran to the "sacred parade ground", i wanted to say so much to you and hold you back and wish for a second that you never ever had to leave me for a day. Well you left, and i did not want to look back, and that was because you also told me not to.

Now all i have to keep me moving on are our photos and texts, your soccer jerseys and your jacket, we barely get to talk sometimes and I send messages to you but i only realize that you will read it after a long time.

Stef, i really really miss you so much. Hurry home please.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the way you were

"If perfect is what you're looking for, then just stay the same"-Bruno Mars 'The Way You Are'

I do get insecure and i do feel like a little pea when I see such pretty and gorgeous girls out on blogs, facebook, and tumblr. And that always make me feel like I'm second best.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

where are you

This may come as a shock but I'm looking for a boy I met 4 years ago.

He is average height, a chocolate tan brown, with the most friendliest eyes and a sweet smile. He lives at Bedok and is usually dressed in a shirt and long black jeans and a pair of skating shoes.

He took something from me and I want it back.

He took away, my memory.