Friday, October 29, 2010


Not only did you dare lie behind my back, you did it right infront of me and DENIED every single fact. I thought I could trust you and i actually let you in and i was there for you at every single down-turn of your life. BUT you played me like a fool and indeed i was the fool who vowed to be there for you NO MATTER what. You make me so sick that I cannot bear to even say your name.

I am so mad at you right now because I let you hurt me this way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I don't know why the hell i uploaded a photo of myself. I'm not trying to tell the world that I am a self proclaimed narcissist. But since it's there, i'll just let it stay there. That photo was however was taken by a friend (last 2 weeks ago) that needed to be submitted to see if i fit the role as a "mother" for some film.

Anyway, just looking at myself and I realize quite somethings. All girls will always admit one or more flaw about themselves, and I too can count them with my fingers and toes. I get intimidated by very pretty looking girls on Facebook and it fills up my head with a sundry of "I wish...". You can blame it on the media for setting up "invisible standards" on how girls should look like and that for a matter of fact, is stupid and fucked up.

But i know that EVERYONE looks so pretty when they smile. (:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So this is it. The final semester. Only this time, it hurts more.

Everyone has big dreams and aspirations, goals and wishes in life, and i hope that it will lead you to where you want to go to. The first day of the last semester starts tomorrow, and as much as i look forward to class and graduating with everyone, i am terribly scared to take another step down. Every moment in school will be a memory kept in my heart, I'm not prepared at all to leave Singapore next year, because i know i will be leaving so many things behind. Hence you will understand why i've always said that I am so afraid of the future. You can't lie to me and say "Fret not." Because everyone is scared of the future.

5-7 years down the road now, i can't see where will i be or what i will be doing, time has flown by so fast and i can only wish, why didn't i spent it much harder and better? This is my final year and semester, I'm sure it will finish off with a bang, and we'll shine like the stars and be called the next "legends".