Wednesday, August 30, 2006

raindrops keep falling on my head.-TAPTAPTAPTAP-

Replies to Charmaine:
i got the pictures from getty images. Here's the steps. ((:
1. Log in to your halo-scan account
2. Click Template.
3. Under templates there will be 4 tabs, click SETTING
4. See 'URL of your image'? Yeap copy and paste the url of your desired picture from gettyimages and paste it.
5. Click save settings.
6. Then re-copy and paste the whole 'upload halo-scan to blogger' process.
7. ENJOY! ((:
Yeap that's it. [: Ayee, it's good to hear from you. Your ice-cream treat from me well is still waiting. REDEEM from me soon yes? HOHO. I'm doing gooood charmaine, are you? are you? are you? (:

TODAY I declare that i will NEVER EVER EVER trust on coffee or tea to keep me awake ever again. It seems like the drug content has absoultely no effect on me,useless.Scary storm today.SHEESH I was texting Ali today asking about the price of a naval piercing from the shop next to his. About $65 including stud. The swavorski one is $140. Well why the sudden thought you may ask.
It was actually something i wanted to do ever since sec 3, it's not that i think it's cool or whatsoever. But the twist of body art to it just fascinates me and make me drool. If then why not tongue piercing? Well the answer is because i don't want to be skinned ALIVE by my folks.
n the other hand take a look at that beauty.
Friends are all fine with it. The pain is nothing. After in life no pain no gain. (: HUMS. Anyway i accept all opinions from everyone of you readers. It's open.

BABY met me today after my jap prelims. It was all impromptu. I wasn't in my best look, and i HATE people seeing me when im not in my best. I was shocked yet elated (Don't ask why shock?) When i saw him seating at the lobby, i didn't know wether to cry or to run-away. But disillusioned me walked right up to him and he hugged me tight whispering ' i miss you sooo much baby. I really really missed you.' I return the hug and the peck and told him the same. At then, i was contented and happy that i finally met him after a long time. I couldn't care less about whatever i was feeling for today. Even the king and queen from the chess board fell to their glory. That's how happy i was. ((((((:

You're the one that I'm always gonna love
And you're the one that I'm always thinking of
It's so wonderful to know, beautiful to know
You're the one

[Repeat Chorus]
I remember the first time
That I really looked you in your eyes
I was thinking to myself
There will never be nobody else, yea

And from the moment that we touched
You had me wide open with your love
This simple way you grabbed my hand
I'm so greatful that you are my man, yea

And I don't want you loose you
I'll do anything at all
Baby boy, You know I really do need you
I'm always here when you call

[Repeat Chorus]

Now my whole life has changed
Since you came around boy, it's so great
The way you make me feel withinI
'm so thankful that we're more than friends, yea

And when you hold me
it's so real
Remember when you told me
How you feel
Staring face to face
It's such a blessing I'll do what it takes, yea

What it takes to keep you
I never wanna let you go
Baby boy you know I can't be here without you
I cherish everyday we grow

[Repeat Chorus
I can't wait to be alone with you, close to you
I just want to stay with you
I feel ok, you make my life complete
I'm telling you, I'm needing you
I can't wait to be alone with you, close to you

[Repeat Chorus]

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the love and other love i have for friends. I may be stupid at times, but I'm NOT an idiot

I don't know why my ass was at the language centre. I wasted 2 hours and 15 mins which could've gone to s.s but i had to make a detour and walk to the language centre! Let's just get the jap prelims done once and for all.

50+++more days to go. I KNOW.

i'm writing to you, just to ask you,
how you feel?
and how it fells like we fell apart
how this fell apart
Are you happy out there in this great wide patethic world?
Do you think about me?
Do you recall the times when you head lay down?
How do you sleep at night without the calls and smses>
do you even wonder if we're alright?

Why weren't you there the nights that i cried and screamed,though i know from where you are it's just the gust of wind blowing into your ear.
I WAS sooo angry
the cuts run deep inside this body.
There are things i won't take to my grave, actually i won't take anything.

But i'm ogay.
This time i'll admit it
that i miss you.

I miss you.

You ALL puzle me with every word you say and every move you make. At times i wish i could break free from you. Each time when i feel myself loosing touch, you just HAVE to come back and somewhat bring me back to how it felt like before. Was it all just false pretence? STOP PLAYING MIND GAMES WOTH ME. & i mean ALL you PEOPLE. It's not funny anymore.

Monday, August 28, 2006

the only thing i have left.

I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any emotional trauma felt by the reader. However, i do claim credit if it happens to entertain you. This entry is NOT intended to flame or offend ANYONE. If you feel the posts to be offensive, there can be several reasons,
a) you are stupid;
b) you are overly imaginative;
c) you want to kill me anyway.
In any case, do let me know if you are offended by any of what i've said and i will try our best to make it more offensive. Although i mean no harm, i could include some if you ask for it.

Everyone is a sinner. No one in this world is the perfect Christian. How i'm growing in my faith has NOTHING to do with any of you. So please, do NOT interfere in my relationship with the Lord. -stares at anons- Talking about Faith.
Well, faith. I can't tell you all much in today's post as i've got to get back to s.s. -grumbles-

Well in this time of the tension,stress,pressure of the prelims to some and the upcoming n level papers of s.s and mother tongue. I guess we're tripping over our bra-straps and scrotums,for guys, well i can't say nothing much but even during this time, faith is all that you require when you find yourself in the examination hall. Faith is all that you'll ever can get to hold on to for the rest of you life.
Who knows in the future what can be taken away from you, your family,friends,house,property,money,loved ones,assests,rights,whatever. Anyone can take all of this away from you, but there's one thing i know for sure that they can never take, your faith.
Like me, when i realised i've created pitholes the size of myself and can't get out, or when i'm lost and i can't find my way, or when i'm down to the ground, or when everyone has took a step from me, or when i feel things wilk never turn around and be alright, i still held on tight to my faith, cause it's the only thing i have left.

I have faith in many things, friends and family, future and life. It's faith that gets me going through life i guess.

wells. I know it was random abit. But that's all i got to say for today. I am so random.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

67 days and a 2 month old relationship. (:

Well my japanese oral was sucha joy, Teachers asking me all sorts of questions which is good as getting to know me, like hello imma suppose to be like their 'ENEMY'. From family to where i've stuided. I might as well write an auti-biography of well myself and give it to 'em. The passage was about shower, though i didn't understand why there was a web-page, it was like http:______?__________/_____/_______?CHRISTMAS. html . Yes christmas i say, the passage had NOTHING to do with christmas at all luh. DUMB.

School was well a big hooooooohaaaaaaa. I received my sciences and maths paper2. all pass. But i still didn't cut off the expected grade. -turns to reflection and tries to kick ass- nugh. Singapore,tsk,singapore. I've got no comments. I didn't say it's good nor did i say it was bad.

Sarah just sent me photos! (: i'm chatting with her now.

WELL, i met Shaun. LIKE FINALLY after about 3 weeks and a half. I ran, well not exactly ran, brisk walk, first thing i did was hug shaun. I swear misery flewfrom me. (:
well reason why i wanted meet baby today was because today is our 2ND MONTH!

wahaha. Gave baby his gift, taken aback by the unusual gift, many of you should know what it was. -giggles- To spend the time, we shared a short time, bout half an hour. It was goood enough, it was more than i asked for from God. It was all i wanted. He sent me to the bus-stop. Bus came in a speed of light. Smooched. (WHY? DID THE BUS HAD TO COME SOOOOOO EARLY) I don't know when is the next time we will ever meet, soon? mid week? tomorrow? the next hour? the next day? the next week? the next month? I really don't know. I'm making the effort to cut out some time. Afterall y'all know how much i miss him. (:
67 days for the o's to be over.
67 days to pray.
67 days to also study.
67 days that won't be washed down to the drain.
67 days of inspirations.
67 days of fun.
67 days of nothing but sun
67 days of happiness.
67 days of thoughts of Shaun.
67 days of mystery.
67 days or unrequitted love. (:

Cause I don't know where your journey goes
or how long it will take to unfold
But as long as we keep this moment shining in the dark
I will be watching over every beat of your heart

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just take my hand and i'll lead you to another land

I got back my english, s.s and geog papers today. I was sooooooooo right, so all let's thank the Lord for all our papers because it just wasted like a million pieces of paper answer scripts were as good as red colouring pictures other than the typed question numbers and the miserable couple of steps i managed to catch in spasms during examination. Yet one after another teacher, it just contridicts to what one says. I'm gonna listen to their corrections but not their 'encouragement', I belive in my own believes. Trust me y'all teacherism is like a religion to 'em. (WEEEEE I JUST MADE A NEW WORD!)
Now I see it so clearly
We're together but living separate lives

So I wanna tell you I'm sorry
Baby I can't find the words
But if I could, then you know I would
Now I won't let go, know what we can be
I won't watch my life, crashing down on me
Guess I had it all, right there before my eyes
BOY I'm sorry now, you were the last thing on my mind

Boy you texted me when i was asleep. I guess you read my post. But the following morning during mid-morning like 10-11. You texted me your heart-felt worries, ' I know baby im kinda unsure bout my feelings now maybe its becus of the exams..i love u but sometimes i feel tat you love me so much more.' And that was all i ever wanted to do, if you take a step to me i'll jump 3 steps up to you. I'll pour and shower every single thing i have on you, till i've nothing left. It's just 63 days left. Take it as 63 hours,minutes,seconds,milli-seconds. It'll be over in the blink of an eye. I laugh at times when i should cry, i smile when i'm suppose to be pissed. Go figure. I'm holding on for you baby and you should be holding on for me. I never abandoned you i never will, so don't you abandon me. Before i hit my sheets every night, you know i would kneel down by the side of my bed and say a little prayer for everyone i know, don't be surprise but you and your family are in it as well. Or that whenever i'm singing, it's always about you. Or whatever insipiration i write from my notebook is also from you and about you. Like during english prelims, the compo that i wrote, (despite the patethic mark i got, -throws shoe at Mrs Seet-) it was all about you, every inch of it. So baby, concentrate on the studies and fret not about me, belive that on the other-side of singapore, know that we share the same side of the moon. And with every wind that comes by, take it as though i'm sending my love. We'll bypass this. I know we will. I love Shaun Ng and only Shaun Ng.[:

When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say
That's when I love you I love you
Just that way
To hear you stumble when you speak
or see you walk with two left feet
That's when I love you I love you...endlessly

And when your mad cause you lost a game
Forget I'm waiting in the rain
Baby I love you I love you

anyway Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind

The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Because the movie, it made you cry
That's when I love you I love you a little more each time

And when you can't quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
That's when I love you I love you more than you know
And when you forget that we had a date
That look that u give when you show up late
Baby I love you I love you anyway

Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind

The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what
That's when I love you
When nothing baby
Nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you
No matter what No matter what...

Monday, August 21, 2006

My letter.

Me: HEY! are you free this thursday for um 10 minutes?
YOU: Yea why?
Me: I was hopping you could just spare me that much. It doesn't matter where, under your block or where, i'll come down to you. But 1o mins is all i need.
YOU: Gal i find you
Me: Boy i said i FIND you
YOU: Ok i'll message you on that day then
Me: Oh i'll message you on that day then.

How could it be that we've ended up like this? I don't understand. However i don't want you to have a say in this, I want to take the blame and i should take the respnonsibility. I'm choking on my breathe now. Just like my brain. What can i do to make this alright? What? Just say it and i'll do it. The misery is sucking every inch of me. the 'i'll message you on that day then' just took me aback, i was like 'What?'. I mean, i'm like, i'm like, i'm like, i'm like, i'm like 'Huh?'.
The thing is all i'm trying to say is that i miss you, i care for you and yes I LOVE YOU.
Everything is like FUDGED now, i want to scrap every scab of it but i know i can't.

To Shaun:
I know that I miss you
when I sit on my bedroom floor with tears rolling down my cheeks
for absolutely no reason at all.
If your around and you see this..please come back to me alright..?

Things around here are really awful now and i feel awfully lonely and i really don't like that people who are taking my place .come back please...?i really really miss u.alot.hope to see u soon, babylove.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's like i wrote ALL this very notes with my own fingers.

Well if my life was all written down on a piece of paper, i would blank-O out some parts. But though that means sadness is wiped, somehow i feel that bit of joy and happiness will be erased of as well.

Woke up as Mom wanted me to bring something down to YWCA and then back home. Bathed,changed, and zooom. Sat like some sorta pimp in the subway. HUMS. So and then i walked from P.S to Far-east, decided to pay Santos a lil visit, was pretty elated when i saw him. Started catching up bit by bit, and he started talking and talking and talking and talking non-stop. Can't wait to catch up more with him. This dooode here really knows how to make me laugh my ass off, especially during moods, he says something and i'll be on the floor rolling with laughter. (: Made me forget about my troubles though. I'm happy.

On the other hand, my mind was in a whirlpool. I'm jaded i guess. I dread going to school tomorrow, i don't know why. I don't want to hear anything from anyone. Friends have become fIends. Went to east-cost beach to take a big breather with the whole family. Sat some meters away from them, and welcomed the wind to slap my face, the sea mist to spray and the tiny sand particles to scratch me.

To myself :
Are you out of your mind
You dug yourself into a liar's hole
You made a little spark to live inside
It's now a fucking fire out of control
When the morning comes you'll act surprised
And when the word gets out it will get old
And every day you'll try to live your life
In every little scam that will unfold

To fIends:
Shove me under you again I can't wait for this to end.
Sober, empty in the head I know I can never win.
Why should I have to wait,I'll just look the other way.

We left this land of shiny lights I wish I may, I wish I might
When all these dreams have come to end,you wish you were, you're not my friend

I can see you suffocate
I can find no other way try to make you saturate
I can be your enemy why should I have to wait I'll just look the other way

you said you'd loveto see the end the long hard road that I have been when all these dreams have come to end. You wish you were, you're not my friend blind eyes shine through.

To that girl who wrote GARY THE SNAIL on my palms:
I can do any thing if you want me here and I can fix anything if you let me near. What are those secrets now that you're just scared to tell? I whisper them all aloud so you can hear your self.

To Shaun:
I've never missed you this much, never thought I would, Didn't think you'd feel so far away your summer perfume is still blowing through this hallway, Autumn's amber red shadows dance. I miss you so badly. The only distance i feel is the cold air at night between our places. I need your arms around me right now, it's the only touch i want to feel tonight and for the rest of my days. I want to fall into your arms and hug you as tight as i want cause i don't want to let you go. Where are you baby?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hit me with a glass bottle

I am back. Sorry to all readers. I've taken out my shout box. Like what claudia said, it's slow. it's limited and it's a useless crap. -nods- i agreee. so halo scan is back. I told y'all i still love it.

Anyway yesterday i watched An American Haunting with the girls. Golly. How dumb can it get. Stupid movie that i wasted my 8 bucks. Storyline was pretty crapply mixed up, irrelvant information was unecessarily as well. Met Bay to see claudia,ana,ailin and their friend. Gorgeous girls. (: TEEE-HEEE.

Well something happend. All at once. I can't explain it down all in words. I will when the time is right, but now is simply not the appropiate and the best time. What i can say is, in the end of the day it will matter up to you and you'll be alone in then end of the day. Emptiness will swallow you up like water. I guess what is in my head is about ____________, ___________, ____________, ___________________,__________________, _________________,____________________-, _________________. Yeap. 8 troubles all in all. If i tell you all this, please, listen. We live in a screwed up patethic world where world peace is as good as worldly disaster. I asked myself, isit because of what's happening to the world could also have some possible effects on the things happening. Who knows there might be some link to all of this.

From the deepest pits of my heart,well i haven't been in the reflective mood of late. partly because of my exploding schedule and also because i have found less meaning in being analytical. maybe if we led simpler lives and lived more subtly, we wouldn't be plagued by what we are plagued by now. if we could only make clear headways and fine distinctionc between the priorities and minorities in life, wouldn't life be great?regretfully, the nature of the human is to stray towards materialism. well, up yours if you say you're not materialistic. what's that phone in your hand, what's the monitor screen you're reading this from, what's that mp3 that keeps you going in long bus rides? how about the brand of the wallet in your pocket? or the underwear you're wearing? don't bull me and say you're not materialistic. try living the life of a vagrant even though you're affluent. refrain from the better things in life even though you can afford it. try?

I need to talk to someone really badly, i stayed here stoning at the computer screen for almost half and hour,the only person i would like to talk to and can relate my problems to is the very guy whom took me back to my first confusion heart-break,MR _________ HAN. We live near, but we never had time to sit down and talk face to face, eye-ball to eyeball . I just wish you can tell me those wise statements that will keep me guessing. Wherever you are, give me a rope, to pull me out.

if only i could edit the sad parts.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


SARAHC-<3's> Jolene-GOOOOD! I hope you liked it anyway, i asked a friend to grab an extra box of chocolates back in Holland. YUMSYUMSYUMS. However if you're still gonna look for me for more. -BURP- there i answered.

Joy-AYE! Gooood for you my peach! HOHO. I had fun. You had fun. We all had fun. FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((:

Sarah-Aye. That's alright if you can't find halo-scan either. Pretty Stupid Piece of Shit causing the eyes of my dear friends to squint. Tsk. WEEEEHOOO! You had fun. I had fun. Everybody had fun! ((: OHHHHH YEA! THE PICS! WOOHOO! Whenever are you online? Hard to catch you. -Jumps up and fly-

well well well. Someone isn't being nice i say. Someone is bitching about me. -and everyone says 'shame,shame,shame'. What's more to say i don't even know this person nor does this person even knows me, wonder if he/she even exist. Seee i don't even know the sex. Tsk.Tsk. People now-a-these-days. What a bitch. The thing she said. And she's way older than all of us. Girls almost ROFL and the usual WTF. I have to agreee a __year old bitching about 16 year old. EHHHHH! Look whose being a childish shit. FUCKTURD. Im pissed.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good day-angels and airwaves.

MMMM service at city-harvest with Bay, Joy, Van and the rest of their cell. After which we took a train down to city-hall to meet Sarah Chan. -giggles with glee and stares at her and _e__c- watched fireworks with 'em. Though the thought of being with a really special one would be better aye? The wind that catches the hair as you smell the sweet perfume of each others. Soft,sweaty warm skin touching each others. -continue's looking at fireworks-

i don't know why you were pissed today. Whatever it is cheer UP aye. Maybe it's the typical of P.M.S blah blah blah blah. Erika is always here to hear you out you know that right? Saturday will be fun. Carpenter's tools showcase and service and the i-don't-know-what will we be doing evening. I feel like taking someone out for a treat for dinner as the prelims are over. I don't think i wanna go for her party though deary, you should know why, the reason is ABSURD. DUMB. STUPID. SELFISH. SELF-ABSORB. INDIVIDUALISTIC. POMPOUSs. SELF CENTERED i'm not gonna listen to anyone for a while now.

My one and only guy in my mind.

I should have turned back
I should have known better
Than to walk away defeated
I'll say it tonight, I'll say it forever
And this time I really swear I mean it

Oh I need you now
You're so fast asleep
This room is safe and sound
Will you lay here with me
And feel it..

I think I like today
I think its good
Its something I can't get my head around
True love is something that comes easy
Just one kiss god I swear I want to...
I heard a pin drop and a nervous heartbeat
Have you ever heard me scream I love you

Oh I need you now
The Earth is fell fast asleep
This room is safe and sound
Will you lay here with me
And feel it..

I think I like today
I think it's good
Its something I can't get my head around [x2]

dadah da dah dah dadadah [x8]
I think I like today
I think it's good
Its something I can't get my head around [x6]

Friday, August 11, 2006

Prelims Tensioning Erika

I bet no one could find my halo-scan tagboard. Thus i've decided to switch to shout-mix. -BEAMS- Seeeeeeeee i'm nice. (: HOHO. Don't worry about the short width of the 'message', just write and write and write. However you guys wanna tag me using halo-scan or shoutmix. It doesn't matter i'll reply to both. (: Halo-scan can be found at the end of every post that i submit as i've said over and over, just over the cursor to the end, and you'll see. O-P-E-N your eyes.

Anyhoo, s.s and english prelim paper today, i studied the wrong chapter. -Hangs head low- Well i wrote e Pearl-Harbour Setting for Compo which i like. Nonetheless, i think i did fairly alright. The paper is officially over, just continue with the rest on with the N's and then O's. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. However i think I might as well thank the Lord for the prelim paper have wasted like a million pieces of paper. Answer scripts for my structured essay espeically are good as blank other than the question numbers and the miserable couple of steps one manages to cactch in spasm during class. Sucks aye people?

______texted me to ask if i was coming for tonight's concert. I replied no and told her to give my tickets to someone else. Continued asking me how was life,studies and home. Told her not to worry and i'm doing fine. It's time i tell her, but i don't have the guts nor do i want to mouth her the words, i know she won't be able to take it but it's my choice this time round. I'm sorry.

Gonna go down and help MAH in her friend's bbq downstairs. I have to anyway.

I wish you here baby.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

F.o.P and nd celebrations

Well guess this shows my absence. I've beeen mugging like well i've been mugging.
On SATURDAY and SUNDAY I decided to join Bay and her cell for F.o.P. HOHO. ((: a definite comeback.
I have been thinking myself about changing ______ . I get frustrated at times and i cry. ____c has been with me i practically grew in and out, but for some reason now i feel like it's taking others for granted and i can't no long grow, whatever i had there was short. The way situations were handled at times left me with no choice but to day-dream and long about next-door. Eventually, it's reality. Still i need to talk to someone about this. I can't even face them now. I feel guilty.
Decided to go for City-harvest. -looks at Bay- had lunch with 'em. (: HOHO. I pity Guo for his jeans though i was laughing like no one's beeswax.

On MONDAY schooled. Then met Shaun at AMK lib. Was late cause the Harvard people were there for Arts Education. And because his cell members were going down to the lib. we had to change the venue to my place. Though he has been too my place but not the inside, just the poolside, he came in. AND he found where my hiding place was,some place where i have never shown or even shared with anyone in my life, not even -gulps- my folks. -SHRIEKS- >:(

The next day was celebrations, rarararararararaarararaarara. Then i took my sister and Chinouk for shopping at orchard. My gawd. Bump into so many people.
Sarah CEEEE. Lindy. Tim-Han. Jeric. Chu-Shen. Dianne. Exter. Jane and Juniors. Salma. Fifi and a alot more whom i can't remember. Bought my top which i was eyeing for and earrings. Managed to get a tube at top-shop which i had nothing better to do then to waste my money on. Someone slap me please.

Well here i am, im suppose to be studying but it seems i broke my promise. -shakes head-
on this national day. phhhhoooooosa. (:

The drive of typing this or doing anything has stopped. I'm announced DEAD,errrr excitement dead. TOOOODLES and LATERS AT NIGHT CATCH ME.

Friday, August 04, 2006

So longs and Goodbyes.

I think i just killed my laptop. All of a sudden the screen went blank, and i was like 'GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' For some explanation i don't know why, me and technology ever get along. -shakes head-

I can still call you a friend. But mark me, when i said friends the only whisper that you'll hear is the sound of misery and guilt. Because the meaning and pronounciation of friend will kill you now and ever. I can't ask you to forget me, we share the same class for pete's dumb sake. You just go and be obessesed with where you are right now and what you are. Hypocrite am i right to say what you are? Don't go around calling other people hypocrites cause you're the one that goes around turning heads on them. I know what you did last fall,summer,spring and winter. I know what you said. I know who is telling the truth. Attention-seeking is also what you are. Don't hog on to the lime-light forever. Others need and want it too. I don't know why i'm even typing all of this, it's just a waste of the memory space time and energy. So this is the end of our friendship.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

i complain

I'm seriously really freaked that the prelims are here, a part of me wants to study yet i can take the excuse of having so much homework not to do so.
Not much things have happend. Friends are at each other's throat and shoes. I no longer come into a class whereby it's a class?

It's clear and visible that we've all gone our seperate ways, i do miss the times when we were all innocent, young and stupid. But now, cancel out the innocent. We've all become the enemy's eye.

My prelims are just next friday, wait a minute, did i just repeated that? Oh wells. I wanna graduate with my class to next year, though obliviously i assure that we ARE gonna suffer, i hope they can still carry on teaching us though N's will be over to prepare. I don't wanna waste time, just get over and done with it and get a frigging O-level cert and carry on with the next phase of life. We are all gonna take the same paper. All Singapore education based school are all gonna take the same paper, and everyone is freaking out. I've screamed,shouted,cried,ranted,cursed,complained that Singapore education is wayyyyy to stressful and tensioning and well death defying. I can proudly confess that i abhore it and i prefer taking SAT's then to O and N level. I'm just paying half a 500 to see myself fail or pass and get myself stress. Though i'd rather see it channel it to the SAT's, i find it more of How-My-brain-is-flexible-and-comfortable-with it. 4 years of American education doggone it made the word EDUCATION easier to me. On the contrary you can never survive in this sunny island nor the world. It's patethic i've said many times. I can bet with you that the this world that we're currently breeding and rotting now is gonna be gone, every single species from Animals-Zillions of bacteria by the year 2060. This isn't and assumption it's a fact, however dumb researchers and scientist are still going into details. Read the bible y'all. It's not just a book of comfort but a book of rich fresh history and the future.
And this is my say. Have a nice day,