Thursday, February 19, 2009

"In case i forget what i might say next,in this case later in the evening,i'm actually typing all of this down from my office. I was doing someresearch on this and that company, and i sidetracked off for a while, goingto a few websites. (Unfortunately, like in rp, via the vpn connection. I'min the bank's vpn, which means i cannot access facebook or blogger) Wellback to what i was saying, i was checking out some universities and someother jobs once i'm done working here in this bank, slowly, the process ofdoing so reefed me down like im in quicksand. I was simply annoyed &pessimistic for a short 45 mins, yea short indeed. I think i'm a very vexedgirl. Just yesterday, my mom drove me to work and she was yakking non-stoplike a chicken pecking on it's grub. Although whatever she said to me didnot make much sense, but did she woke me from my pondering stupor that thislife i lead on earth, is very very antagonistic indeed. Afterall, there isa reason why rappers like T.I said that the world is our playground. It hasso many variety of activities to see and do but it has it's pros/cons aswell. But just like any playground that has built up memories, when you goback to that playground you kind of feel that there was a reason why thisthings were made and done. And then you start to think and emote feelings,and you'd the can a few meters away and start to say 'stupid stupid world'.

Anyway, i was falling asleep suddenly and i decided to bite thelemon wedge of my iced lemon tea when my small fingers decided to have amind of their own and squeezed it causing it to aim directly at my righteye. Now i know of a new remedy to keep me awake, instead of sucking on alemon, try 'accidentally' squeeze lemon it. Unfortunately i teared alot andmy eye is a little red but i teared even more after dapping it with alittle solution and now i do not know what to do with my eye."

I wrote this yesterday in the office btw. HAHA. Ok

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm all curled up on my swivel chair with some chai tea on my other hand and i'm about to type down a memory that is so dear to me. And that is my childhood memories.

Just today at about 10+ pm i took up the invitation of having supper with my folks at the 24 hour hawker place infront of Bishan Cc. And boy does that place brings me back to the ages of being in primary 1. I never fail to smile with glee in my heart whenever chosen to eat there, because i savour each smell, taste, sight and sound of that place. You see, there were only 3 stalls that were my favourite since young. The chicken rice stall, the popiah stall the Hakka Yong Tau Fu stall and the fishball noodle store. Glad to see that they were still around afterall this while. And even more reassuring to know that the taste in the food still stayed the same, and it never faltered one bit.

Oh how i remember before tuition which was just across in one of the HDB flats, my maid would bring me there to eat. And i would purposely eat slowly just so i can skip a few minutes of tuition, like i said before, i never was a student who fancied tuition nor was i someone who liked to learn languages. In this case it was chinese tuition. But just today, i decided to order the fishball soup to share with my mom. The first bite of the fishball, shot me back to age 6-7. Not to hard and not to soft, springy to the core. Not to salty not to blend, just the right tinge of salt to the very end. And the soup, no gst with sprinkles of fried shallots, pig fat, Tong choi, persevered spring onions & parsley. How tender and how delightful it was to gobble down each fishball like as though i would not see it next time.

I can tell you so many tales of my childhood and this place. But maybe next time, but for now, please go there for your lunch, dinner or supper. You can't find no place that sells fishball with such a twist.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doesn't mean that im not updating doesn't mean that i'm dead. Haha.
Work is piling up at the office so far, i can't log into facebook or blogger or messenger, but i can acces hotmail. (: Anyway, I hope everyone is doing swell.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ok before i go out to Wendy's.

It's been pretty fun and so entertaining working with SMBC so far. I work at Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation, if you wondered what the abbreviation stood for.

Entertaining, not in the 'get retarded and start craking jokes' kinda entertainment, but knowledge rather. I practically squealed with delight at all the fun things i'm learning. For example i never knew that Bloomberg was actually a computer database system, because i knew that it was a TV programme that screens all the corporate words which were greek to me. Nonetheless, i cannot disclose any information because alot of things are pretty confidential.

But it dawned on me that whatever i learnt back in school or in poly now is apparently useless, i mean no one was ever thought how to use bloomberg, BMI, S&P, Moody's, Fitch, Reuter's knowledge, ICIES etc etc etc. It was all on the job training for me. In school, you're taught how to LEARN. You're not taught what failure or success means. And i'mt not talking about just UT's, exams, test and what not shit please. But i don't know if i see a career working in a bank...on another note still, a mind is INDEED a terrible thing to say and although we were all born smart just that education had to ruin us, we ACQUIRE that smart from somewhere and somehow didn't?

But just yesterday, i was free and bored for a while and i played TIC-TAC-TOE with myself/my concious. And i actually lost t
o myself. Go figure.

Monday, February 02, 2009