Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you can really look me deep in the eye, then you'd know how scared i am.....

all the time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As I await for Stef to come, i shall sit my royal butt on this chair. He's late, again.
Ok soooo CNY was fun fun fun fun. Red packet collection increased. And everyone's query about my life and the 'new face' that i brought also increased. (No, I am NOT getting married anytime soon if that is what anyone was thinking.) Although we were looking forward to buy couple rings although i thought having couple friendship bracelets were sweet.

OK. I got a job. Yes. I HAD to land myself a job. And no this is not just a job, but it's actually ME who got myself into THIS job. Because i'll be working in a bank. YES A BANK. And what am i under in this bank? Corporate research. However i know i should go count my blessings afterall i did ask for a 9-6, only on weedays job, but it HAD to be in a bank.

I have know nuts about corporate research to be honest, and what's worst, it's actually Erika that's going to be working in A BANK. So un-erika. I know. Tote-tally. But i ju
st cross my fingers that they only need me for a month and not a day more.

In the mean time, i need to go count how many clothes i can wear to work, because i can't show up in my tatettered torn jeans, maxi dresses, and flip flops. Damnit.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I think i'm still recovering. Yes yes i think.

Ok, so i just finished my first year and going on to the second, the only thing in my mind right now is just 'shit, i got another 2 more years'. And like any days what Erika did, i actually sat down to think about everything and i started getting all these past flash backs which i didn't know whether to laugh, to cry or to squirm. Things change for a reason, and people change too. Well maybe for some and not for all, but I did see the change in everyone, and now i'm still back at the same question i ask myself every year, "Who are my real friends anyway?" I am such a lost teenager.

And yes just as i got reminded whilst playing with my lighter, sheesha last friday to mark off the first day of the rest of our lives. Navinn, Marvin, Wei Loon & his gf, Jun Hao, Fuji, Keegan & I went to Haji lane to sheesha and just talk rot and naughty. So now i know as a matter of facts, that i will be known as some Love/sex guru by the eyes of the guys. -.- geee what a reputation.
Here's a conversation that happend that day.

Fuji: Guys eat viagra will sure go ' DRAGON FORCE' (does some superhero action)
Erika: Eeeeew (laughs hysterically) Eh than what will happen if girls were to eat viagra?
Everyone takes some time to think
Fuji: ORH EASY! The Abalone will close!

No i did not teach them to think that a vagaina is compared to an abalone. It's sick.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You know what upsets me, dog owners. Yes dog owners. And why you ask?

I was walking my dog yesterday at amk, and this humongous big brown dog comes from nowhere and bit my dog in the but, almost tearing out his butt hole! The dog wasn't a stray dog, thank God, no. Infact i knew it was a lost dog, because it still had a blue colloar around it's neck. And another thing that what upsetted me the most despite the 5 people around us just staring at the scene. Only 1 man, bothered to help me chased away the dog while i was down there.
Like hello, big dog, medium sized human, small dog. One word HELP ME!

So after the whole painful ordeal with my dog, i was cursing in my mind the owner who did not take care of the dog and allowed it to go runing about biting people's arsee! Really, if you wanted a dog, have you ever thought about caring it so much that you know if you let it out of your sight for a second you'll go crazy? I did! I made sure Zackey was always with me! Gawd damn it. But other than that i kinda expected that i'll have an audience viewing me and only 1 human helping me out. How very helpful indeed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On the news:
I don't see what's wrong if you scrimped up and invest you and your family to a nice holiday in France. And so the news of Civil Servant who spent about 45K for his family to get a nice holiday sparked a big uproar. Although i was never much of the 'Home' section person in The Straits Times, i had to see it for myself about the big controversy about this Civil Servant who sent his family on a nice learning cooking trip over to Le Corden Blue, renown cooking school establishing it in parts of the world. I don't see why people made a big uproar about it. Afterall it's HIS family, it's HIS hard earned money which he chose to save, it's HIS life & it's HIS happiness. What's WRONG with spending your hard earned money to treat your family to a spanky holiday. I think people who made a big uproar are jealous. Really. I mean boo hoo you can't afford it but why get jealous and start spiting the poor fella for treating his own loved ones? And what about this putting the money into good use? Why not putting money where your mouth is? Not as if none of us ever did a good share bit of charity work and shun away people who ask for donations. Bloody Hell.

Monday, January 19, 2009

After what feels like 1 year but it's only 6 months, I have been searching high and low for the perfect white maxi dress. Now i know many of you have the knowledge that i made one that was cream color last year, however i made a mistake when i used the cloth, i should have checked for the opaquness of it, thus it required me to wear a second layer in order not to expose the color of my knickers to the world. I did thought of making one again, if i ever have the patience again or should just continue finding one and buy it. /: Oh and i was browsing through the net and something that caught my eye because it looked distinctively similar to mine, AND hell it is.
Ok my eyes are red and i don't know what to do next?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll get out of this, even if it means breaking up!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know when in rp when you're bored you either play games, facebook, watch movies, and just do random search or blogshop. And this is what i did. From Chanel and YSL.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm thinking of going back to that old darn job of mine. Because i can't seem to find a good one anywhere at all. But the old job of mine had a working duration of 11.5 hours, from 10.30 am to 10 am at night. And i was paid 5 measely bucks an hour plus comission if you ever hit target sales, notice the IF. And you don't get those sort of hour lunch or dinner breaks nor 30 minutes break. It's tote-tally bollocks i know. ):

What i really am looking for is a job that can be a 9-5 job. And does not require one to work on weekends, i mean who likes to work on weekends anyway?

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am not just pissed but i'm damn irritated OK? Doesn't mean that it doesn't come now doesn't mean you get paranoid like a bitch. When many at times i told you since last week that it is NEVER consistent!

I'm sick and tired of this shit! Someone pass me a chocolate now!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Maimunah Nasir: Born on 8th January, 1990.
Relationship: Very good & close friend
History: Secondary school mates. From 2003-2007
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL. You're spending your last year as a teenager! So party hard and have another good time in life babygirl. (:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Meow and Jill are looking good to compete for Mr and Mrs RP. (: Anyway students of RP, i'm not promoting this but go check out the website. Go support yea! Here's 2 of my gorgeous friends that i shall post. They're stunning what can i say?


Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello
Yea it's 9.32 and I am very very tired and bored. But for everyone's viewing pleasure, i'll uplaod some pictures i found.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

something about a love like this

It all begins with blogs and then the photos nicely captured happy emotions between 2 people. Like God forbid a reason to have set it upon infront of me either to make me jealous or to do more with my bf. Maybe it's the latter ay?

But then again, it's just queer for some reason, why do i feel slight pangs of jealousy everytime I see pictures of other couples doing their things at other places? I mean I AM attached for crying out loud! But why the jealousy arouse in me everytime i scroll down the page. Is it because of my unspoken 'expectations' which i never speak about to him, that i somehow wish that we could do more things together? I did brooch up the topic many times, although the reply was 'We'll do them one day' or 'Ok next time' , when I can only try to figure out when will the 'next time' ever happen? But like i always tell everyone who can't seem to wait for things to happen, 'Patience is a virtue.' Damn right should i practice what i preach.
(See i told you joy. Deepak Chopra in the making already!)

But don't get me wrong that Stef is a bore, he is a wonderful and magnificent fella. Although we obviuosly see and say things differently. Like he's a diplomat and i republican (not that i am one! i'm just citing examples, good heavens), he's east i'm west, he sleeps in the comfort of bed but i'd rather sleep on the sand under the stars. But like the lock and key hypothesis, we're in sync to everything.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy new year.

A very good new year to all you humans! Rock on! Well i don't like to say 'happy' in the new year because i never believed that anything 'happy' actually happens. Just look at where we are now. But however i shan't be squeezing sour grapes on the toes of everyone. I wish each and every one of you a blessed and good new year ahead. And of course have fun with your life, live it with the utmost zest evaaaaa! (:

Resolutions if you have any, 'eck them. I have never ever kept a new year's resolution, same with aims and goals. Because halfway down the year, you'll forget and you'll give up and thus re-creating either the same one or another one which will thus be another forgotten new year's resolution. Just have fun in this little joyride you have with life, hell it's a roller coaster, and you never know what happens. But live it like there's no tomorrow y'all!