Thursday, May 28, 2009

apple & cinnamon

A love so sweet and innocent,
Chemistry like apple and cinnamon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's not a feeling but it's still love

On a night, today, I
-Ate my dinner: CHECK
-Studied for Digital Media Arts UT: CHECK (Well, browsed through it and wrote ritchets of small notes on paper to be precise)
-Spoke to Stef: CHECK
-Washed my shoes that got soaked in the rain last Friday: CHECK

Now, lately, people have had the word 'Trouble' brewing about in their relationships, & how do I know that? I overhear convos between girl packs whispering 'If he loves you, he'll come back'. I get people running to me like I'm the new Oprah Winfrey or Dr Phil. So then I thought about sharing some of me thoughts that I'd passed down the knowledge too.

1. Trust, Talk & Tau Sar Pau

I think it's simple, really, how can anyone not built their relationship on trust? And to talk, my dear friends, we all speak English, and despite having to bring out discussions and topics with your partners might mean resentment. At least you know you checked it off your '10 things I hate about you and i hope that something would be done' list, it gets rid of excessive baggage. Lastly, tau sar pau. Enjoy your sweet love on the sweet bun. I heard the Pau Shop at Bukit Timah is simply scrumptious to the dough.

2. "If it's not you, then it's me. If' it's not me, then it's you. If it's neither of us, it's the world"

This is one of the fire starters that can lead to arguments and breakups, 'It's not you, it's me...' Well to put it bluntly, of course it's not you, it's the other party then. But out of the many people who use this line, use it as a short cut to snubbing out the last few flames of fire left thus leaving no room for anything else. But when you jump into love, you take all the good and the bad. Accept your partner's flaws and see delight in them. I think Stef's inability to organize his time is cute sometimes although it can land him on the hot clay pot of my favourite herbal clay pot beef rice, but it's so cute when i see him get frustrated.

3. "Extra! Extra! Read all about it, 11-12 year old Romeo & Juliet end up ringing each others' neck because they forgot to buy candy"

You'll be awestruked but every couple has it's day, and every couple can fight about the most stupidest, most dumbest, most frivolous stuff. I know of a couple who fought over a sleepover they had and the girl was angry at the boy because he slept on her pillow instead of his. I know of couples who fight over where to eat, and what to eat as well.

However there are couples who fight about the future, about different point of views, who fight because of the pressures put on them even if it's inexplicitly shown. But true that every fight makes the relationship stronger, and with every fight you built yourself up. So forgive and forget and take one step at a time. Despite the different fustrations and pressures set upon each individual, we're all humans, we're not God. We can't do everything and anything, we can't do much to help us for the future, when in reality check, no one knows the future. So take a day as it is. And definitely take a pressure at a time. Don't end up like pressure cookers!

Well i guess that's all i have for now, I think i should re read my notes again. Have a great night. (:

Friday, May 15, 2009

The way we used to be

“don’t cry at night, we’ll be alrightjust take a day at a time, you know
you’ll never lose me.I’ve made up my mind, it’s about timeI’ll be by your side,
you’re no more ever lonely.”

The scarlet ending

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy birthday my friend.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh it is love

Someone please call NASA, because I'm feeling out of this world! (: My heart is jumping up and down like a jumping jelly bean! Although the pictures are taken on Wednesday, none the least, I'm happy to share the news that






I gave him a candlelight dinner picnic under the stars over at bontannical gardens. Not alot of pictures were taken, because we both couldn't contain our excitement, and we both had the same sentiments that this day of our anniversary is just the start to the others. (:
Because i had prepared a special video cum ppt for him, I brought out my laptop and someone asked if there was wireless at the Bontannical Gardens. How inapt indeed. The weather was shreiking hot, and there were quite a few flies, so in order to chase them away I lit up my lighter and started chasing them away, till someone screamed from nowhere 'YEA ROCK ON HIPPIE GIRL!'.
After the meal at bontannical gardens, we drove over to Dempsey Hill to tone the night and our tummies for some tea over at Jones Grocer. And there we met Ilya Noor, who happened to served us that evening. (: Oh and that night, Stef spat on someone's lamborghini.

So to all those skeptics and non-believers, this first year anniversary with Stef is just an entree for you guys, wait up for 8 course meal to be served up right in your face. (: