Sunday, January 24, 2010

I made a vow to you like silly love-sick idiots to love you and to be true to you, yet I find myself breaking that promise to you and what hurts is to know that it makes you cry and that it hurts you. But with every mistake I make, you can never find ways to let me go. & that is why I decided that I should stick by you, stick by that someone who has stood by me even when I was in the wrong. Someone who stood by me when everything was at its worst doubts. And most definitely someone who stood by me and loved me in every way.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 million fireflies cannot be compared to the color of your eyes

I want one of this cool looking gadgets in my room. (:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blackberry BOO!

I remember I made up some analogy that

"It's not you chooses the machine, it's the machine that chooses you"

Soo Deepak Chopra. But whatever. I think technology is just not for everyone, especially for idiots like me who makes up such analogies. You see, I had my BB bold since the beginning of April, 2009, and I have gone back and forth to the network provider carping about the phone, and the replies are always the same. "The software is the issue." which is a line I have heard over and again and hence, I hold on to my 5th BB bold in less then 1 year! That bad I tell you. That bad.

So anyway, Daddy just celebrated his birthday last week and Aunt Pauline made the most darling cake everrrr! If there can be a shoe porn and bag porn in my collection of thoughts, I can defitnetly squeeze in dessert porn! Here's dad's birthday cake for you.

I think I'll be removing the tagboard and I'll just let anyone leave a comment at every post. Hassle-free!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

So what? I'm still a student.

I don't believe in keeping or making new year's resolutions because sometime halfway through the year, people will tend to forget them. They put it all down on this paper, and then on their fridge, or diary, or wall or mirror. But I guess better advances, computer now. Then it'll start to grow crisps and tears on the edges of this paper, then later, people will throw it away or, easy said, forgotten. So that's why I don't answer people when they ask me what is my new year's resolution. And that's why I take great interest in humans and how we all think and react to everything. So interesting.

Well, glad for those who feel happy that 2010 is already here. But I've been of to a quizzical start. The hour hand that stroke 12 on 31st Dec, I didn't felt any sort of 2010 breeze on my skin. Nope. No magical spray dust. No magical airy feeling. I simply felt nothing. Because what I could only think of was "Oh God, I'm turning 20 this year. & Oh god, I'm actually going to be a 3rd year sophmore student." I don't think, I KNOW that there will be changes this year. But this changes that I'm talking about, are going to alter the course in life. My life, rather. I'll keep my airy optimisitc and soon to be realistic head afloat. I'm scared, I really am. It's this year that is what keeps me in dismay and also what I fear most. But hey, I'm scared most of the times, even when everyone else thinks I'm always the brave one.

OH WELLS. I'll give an apprehensive cheer for this year. Whee.

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